Don't Eat Me !


Neat Facts about US

  • Nudibranchia - means naked gills
  • It refers to my feathery gills and horns on my back
  • traded the ancestral shell for tough abrasive skin
  • we store and use the poison of our prey
  • we can live a month or up to a year-I had a year
  • we live in low tides and have communities along most coasts

We are carnivores

  • we store and use the poison of our prey
  • corals, barnacles, sponges
  • and even other Nudibranchs are our Diet
  • Rhinophores are used to detect our food and preditors


We exhibit changes in the tide and possibility of desiccation and evaporation causing salinity changes.And we still can be dislodged with wave action it can wash us away if we're not careful.Some fish, sea spiders, turtles, a few crabs and etc. eat us. Some people eat us after removing our toxic organs (of coarse).