By: Megan Clifford


Venezuela was controlled by Spain. They have 2 independence days. They declared their independence on April 19, 1810. Bolívar help them fight for their independence. They then officially gained independence on July 5, 1811. They aren't currently controlled by anyone. Their official language is Spanish.

Major cities


Venezuela is located in the northern coast of South America. They have habitats ranging from the Andes Mountains to the Amazon Basin rainforest in the south. Physical features include Angel Falls, Guiana Highlands, and Pico Bolivar.

Political Information

Their type of government is a Federal Republic. Their ladee is President Nicolas Maduro Moros. Venezuela isn't peaceful and has a lot of protests and fighting.

Trade Information

Their currency is Venezuelan bolívar. They import medicaments, ethers, broadcasting equipment, construction vehicles, and milk from the US, China, Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina. They export crude petroleum, refined petroleum, iron ore, iron reductions, and petroleum coke to China, India, Singapore, Spain, and the US.

Tourist Information

People should visit Venezuela because of their unique culture and breathtaking landscapes.