Know it when you see it

Where does bullying take Place?

Bullying isn't always some big, muscular guy beating up a kid for his lunch money. Bullying has drastically changed over the years. More than once bullying is right here.... at School. Most of it... if it's reported is stopped at school, but 56% of children who see bullying done do not report it.
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Cyber bullying is 50% percent of the time where children get bullied and the school can't do anything because it is out of their reach. Cyberbullying causes depression, anxiety, and sometimes even suicide. Only 1 out of every 10 teens tells a parent if they are being bullied and this is the main reason teens kill themselves... because no one knows. Cyberbullying is bullying over social media.
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Did you know?

15% of kids stay home and claim they're sick out of fear of bullies.

1 of every 10 students drop out of school or change schools from bullying.

1 out of every 20 students have seen a student with a gun at school.

8th Graders are the top of the food chain for bullying.

There are 282,000 children bullied each month.

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