Physical Therapist

Nicole Mackowiak-Bio 300

Education needed to become Physical Therapist

You will need a Doctoral DPT degree (doctor of Physical Therapy)

If after college you want to specialize in a certain specialties then you can go back to school and get board certified.

To practice as a physical therapist in the US, you must earn a physical therapist degree from an accredited physical therapist education program.

Clinical education is required as it prepares graduates for entry into practice of physical therapy.

A state licence is needed also to practice anything;also a specialty certification may be required for advancement

How much does a Physical Therapist make?

The average salary for a Physical Therapist is about $82,180 a year.

Your salary can also differ depending on your experience and where you are working or who you are working for.

Interesting things about being a Physical Therapist

1. You can specialize in certain area to help a certain group of people such as kids for example

2. Sometimes you can save a patient a trip to the hospital for certain things such as muscle pain and other things

3. You can also work in a variety of settings such as for a team/school or for a practice

Some examples of different specialites you can specialize in

What unit in biology 300 relates to this job?

The scientific method,

When a Physical Trainer has anew problem arise they have to use the scientific method to find a solution to that problem, by looking at the problem and trying to come up with a solution with the facts given, then if it doesn't work, they start from the beginning and try again. Just like the scientific method.