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Feeding The Influences Of Pimples?

Many people squeeze lesions that were already a skin cancer, thinking it was a pimple.

The lesions evolve and when they go to the doctor and get diagnosed, think that was squeezed because the "alleged" spine. Learn more about skin cancer. Feeding influences the pimples?

Truth Although not the cause of pimples, recent studies have shown that diet can influence the course of disease.

It is possible worsening of the lesions occur with ingestion of foods such as: chocolate, dairy products, peanuts and diets with high carbohydrate content (sugar).

However, this will only happen in people who have a genetic predisposition to the disease.

So if you realize that your pimples worse with certain foods, avoid them. Learn more about acne. Masturbation causes pimples?

Myth The emergence of pimples occurs at the same time when young people discover sexuality and masturbation. Hence the belief Learn more about acne.

The sun improves acne?
Myth Despite an apparent improvement occurs due to tanning and drying of some lesions, sun exposure eventually causing a worsening few days later, due to increased production of sebum and the thickness of the epidermis (top layer of the skin), the that contributes to pore clogging.

Boils is a blood? Mito. Boils are caused by bacteria of the skin itself that invades the hair follicle causing the infection. Boils coming back? Who had, will have other? Myth Boils can occur repetitively (repetition) or an isolated incident. The person who had a boil can have no other ever again.