My Family's Characteristics

Shea Lindsey- SPED 232

Meet the Lindsey's

My family is what I see as the average Midwestern American Family. My Dad and Mom both work on the ranch that my family lives on, which is a job that puts us in the middle class. Which is different from other American Families, because they don't work a 9-5 job, some days its longer, some days shorter. I have one older sister named Torie, who is also attending college. As I have said, my home is a ranch, which is located 45 minutes south of Gordon, Nebraska. My sister and I are both attending Chadron State College, so the path from Chadron to home is taken often by all members of the family.

Our Person Family Culture

My family is a Christian family, but not extremely religious. Because of our religion, we celebrate Christmas and Easter, and attend church services for both followed by spending the day with family.

What I ate as a child was more impacted by where I was raised, not by what religion I was raised in. I was raised eating a lot of beef and potatoes, because they were something that was grown by my immediate as well as extended family. What I consistently heard from family members was to never lie, and to chase my dreams with all the ambition I had. My family is very into helping each other reach our goals. I do have a disabled family member, a cousin named Paul who has Downs Syndrome. Paul is where my love for Special Education came from! Paul had some physical as well as speech therapy sessions when he was younger, but now simply attends school with help of a para-professional and Special Education classes.

Some additional photos of my amazing family!

I am very thankful for the family I was raised in and the love they have given me.