Hey BABY! Welcome to the family


what are little ELLA looks like!!/ genotypes

I am so happy you are going to see are newborn baby, so let me tell you a little about her. She is a go geter with her wonderful brown hair light brown eyes you could say hazle eyes either way works. Well we all now she is going to be very smart her straight hair tells us all (she gets that from her MOTHER). The thing that makes her perfect and speacial is her 2 toe its bigger than her big toe it self thats one reason why we love her so much. The picture below is a fully developed her to show how she will look when she is 2 years old. It is a girl if you dont now already her birthday is February 16. One thing she did not get from her me her mother or her father is the abilty to roll her tougue. That has been passed down from generation to generation but i guessed it skiped her because her older brother can roll his tounge. Thank goodness she not have smelly armpits like her grandma on her father side.

3 Strange facts about are one in a kind baby is she has a widow peak on her head that i dont have but her father does, and she has mid-dight hair on her fingers getting both of her parents, and finally she has atched earlobes.

This was all about are sweet little ELLA hope to see you at the party.

February 16



what % of the baby's genotypes were homozygous for a dominate trait?


what % of the baby's genotypes were heterozygous for a dominate trait?


what % of the baby's genotypes were homozygous for the recessive trait?


what % of the baby's phenotypes exhibited a recessive trait? explain

30% They are homozygous for recessive trait. she can not roll her tongue and she does not have smelly armpits and she doe snot have a big toe.

Describe the difference in phenotype from child 1 compared to child 2.

child one

Mid digit hair,dark hair,attached ears,roll tongue,windows peak, 2 toe is not bigger, does not have curly hair,brown eyes, no smelly armpits, is a male.

child two

Mid digit hair, dark hair, attached ears, cant roll her tongue,widows peak,big 2 toe, no curly hair, brown hair, no smelly armpits, and is a female.

list of Genotypes for Ella Pope