Welcome To Connecticut Colony!

The Welcome Guide!

How To Make A House A Home

  • If you have relatives here, it's easy to get a house because you don't have to do any of the work to build one.
  • Most houses around here are made from wood, from cut down trees, and other timber.
  • The picture to the right is a house here in the Colony of Connecticut, and was built as a two story house.
  • They also had windows in their houses at this time, but they needed to make

How NOT To Get Killed

  • Don't get accused of being a witch. You could die from that. Don't go swimming, even if you know how to swim. That is one of the several trials you can be tested to being a witch.
  • Being a witch means that you will die, or most likely die because other people think that witches are evil and they will want you dead.
  • If you live near a witch, then you could be considered witch as you are getting their "witchness" by being close to them.
  • If you have a son or daughter that is accused of being a witch, then you could be accused of being a witch because it is know to be passed down from the parents.

The ONLY Books

  • They could only read the bible, but not for fun, but to learn and read, and to only learn the truth.
  • Everyone had a bible, and mostly everyone went to church, but some did not. Like people who were accused of being a witch, or people that weren't of that religion.
  • The bible was a big tale, or was the truth to some people who were religious, and believed in what it said.
  • If you want to read something else in this town, either you are going to have to write it or going to bring a book with you.


Drish Khayal is accused of being a witch! She is in her mid 70's, and is accused of being the deadliest witch in all of Connectiut. If you find her, call the number below!


Blackbird Pond View

Sunday, May 29th, 8:15pm

Wethersfield, CT, United States

Wethersfield, CT

Come and see the great view at Blackbird Pond! Bring your friends and family and have a blast seeing the sun go down, and seeing it reflect off of the beautiful pond. Bring drinks and snacks, too!

Some "Fun" Activites

  • People around here in Wethersfield often go to church, and only few people to not show up to this extreme event.
  • People get sick here because there are too many humans living in such a small area and/or poisened food (bad food).
  • We also have board games around here, and we play them when there is no work to be done (which is almost never), or when we are board (which is rare).

Some Of Our Food and Drinks!

  • We have crops, such as corn and other delicious food you would love here in Connecticut!
  • There is beer and tea here to drink during any time of the long day, and we have lots of it!
  • We saw some of the first apple trees here too! Apples are sweat, but they are very watery. You'll love them!
  • We also have bakeries here, which you can get some of the finest treats in the state!