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Cyber Safety Presentation (FOR PARENTS)

Monday, Nov. 16th, 5:30-7pm

Nicholson Street

Sydney, NSW

This is a presentaion for parents to come along and learn new things about cyber safety for their children and themselves in some situations. Please come because we want to ensure all children are safe on the internet.


Welcome to this issue of the Nicho News. Over the past few weeks some exciting and imprtant stuff has hapn't like the Rememberence Day assembly, the Band Blow In and day to day fun learning for all students. We of course can't forget our Principal report and reports about clubs and activities at Nicho. This fortnight's editors are Veronica and Emily. Enjoy and read on...
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Coming Up

  • 16 NOV Cyber Safety FREE presentation 5.30 - 7pm for parents
  • 19 NOV Year 6 surf day (all day)
  • 20 NOV 2/3S Assembly @9:30
  • 20 NOV Music Performance at 5pm
  • 26 NOV 2016 Elections
  • 27 NOV KF Assembly @9:30
  • 1 DEC Captains Elections
  • 2 DEC Year 6 Day Out
  • 3 DEC Fresh Food lunch
  • 4 DEC Captains assembly
  • 8 DEC P&C Meeting
  • 11 DEC Presentation day
  • 14 DEC Year 6 dinner
  • 15 DEC Whole School Play
  • 16 DEC Talent quest
  • 16 DEC Year 6 graduation assembly @2:15
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School Info

This is for any parents who are having trouble contacting the school and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask them.

Principals Report

Principal’s Report Week 6, Term 4

Resilience: The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. Every day in schools, workplaces and our personal lives we face challenges. Over the last two weeks students from Nicholson Street Public School have faced challenges, both large and small. I am proud of the resilience each student in the school has demonstrated in dealing with the challenges they have faced. Whether it was being away from parents and family for the very first time, travelling to another part of Australia or attending intensive swimming day in day out, each child at the school has demonstrated resilience and courage. Resilience and courage are the qualities that help us bounce back from tough times. Resilience is our capacity to look beyond the issue in front of us and solve big picture problems and courage is having a go in the first place. I congratulate all members of the school community for demonstrating resilience and courage in all that they do.

Student Absences & Attendance of Students in Term 4

A recent audit of student absences indicated that during term 3, 2015 the 158 students enrolled to attend Nicholson Street Public School had a combined 790 full days absent from school. This does not include days where students attending school events off site, concerts where they represented the school or any partial absences. When booking a holiday or time away please consider your child’s ongoing education. Every day of learning matters. With that in mind it is important that parents note that all students in Kindergarten to Year 6 are required to attend school until Wednesday 16 December, the last day of teaching for Term 4 2015. Prior to this date, students in all year groups will be engaged in meaningful work based on the curriculum and syllabus requirements.

Outstanding Invoices

There are a number of invoices that remain outstanding. If you are unsure of what you have or haven’t paid please see the office as soon as possible. We are fast approaching the school financial roll-over period and it is crucial that all accounts are settled before the end of this month.

2016 Enrolments and Planning

Planning for 2016 has been underway for some time. This process is a highly complex one as we have to match teachers to year levels, fill curriculum and leadership roles for staff and best match students to class groupings, considering a whole range of complex details such as health needs and support needs. This has been made difficult by the slow return of intention forms by a number of families. If you are still considering your enrolment options please make a time to speak with me directly over the coming weeks. I look forward to being able to provide you with more information regarding 2016 as soon as I am confidently able to.

Staffing News

A notice regarding two new teacher appointments at Nicholson Street for the 2016 school year was sent out earlier today. I look forward to welcoming Mrs Oonagh O’Neill and Miss Linda Nguyen to Nicholson Street Public at the beginning of the 2016 school year.

School News

An updated calendar of events was sent home earlier this week. We really are entering the busiest time of the year in a school so please stay up to date with the events occurring each week. I look forward to being involved in end of year celebrations over the coming weeks.

I hope your week ahead is a safe one that is filled with learning, laughter and life.

Mr Chris Buenen



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Stage 2 Camp

At Berry Sport and Rec Camp we got split into cockatoos and kangaroos. When we got there we had lunch. Then kangaroos did archery and the dark maze, cockatoos did biscuting. After that we had free time. For dinner we had chicken and veggies, after dinner went to the night show and had supper.

On the second day, first the kangaroos went to breakfast early to set up, for breakfast we had fried eggs, toast and sausages. the first activity the cockatoos did the giant swing, archery and the dark maze. The kangaroos did biscuting. Then we had lunch, after lunch kangaroos did cookout. Next we had free time. For dinner we had pizza and chips, for dessert we had chocolate moose. After dinner we had a disco.

On the last day the kangaroos did rock climbing and the cockatoos did cookout. Then it was lunch and souvenir buying.

By Ruby 2/3S

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Stage 3 Camp

5/6 Camp

on November the 2nd 2015 stage 3 went to Canberra for camp the bus trip took 5 hours but it was a beautiful view! We had a great bus driver who interacted with us and taught us about stuff we saw. When we entered the A.C.T no one noticed apart from the people at the front. Our first stop was the old Parliament House it was an amazing place.

we first walked into a small cinema and watched a presentation on Australian democracy.

It was pretty cool because they had a cool hologram.

After that we went to the next room, what we had to remember was what the hologram said about Australian democracy. Each of us got a sheet from each station of the room and had to fill them out and listen or read what the station said. After that we got to go vote peach won. After the old Parliament House we went to the rose garden and had lunch. After we finished lunch we went to the museum of Australian democracy.

We got to do a really fun activity we had to choose a subject and then it would show a map tell us to go there it was really fun. After we went to the war memorial and saw all the stuff they used in the war. They had a army helicopter army bomber and many more vehicles. After the war memorial we went to the Ibis hotel and unpacked then at 7:30 we had dinner and after the we watched a movie. It was a funny movie. After that we talked in our rooms and fell asleep.

Day 2 we woke up and had showers then at 7:00 we went and had breakfast we finished at 7:45 and went to our rooms for a chill. Then we left to go to The Royal Australian Mint. Although the star attraction was TITAN he was the big robot that tips all the blanks into a hoper then onto a conveyer belt which took them to go get printed. After that we went and had a look at the embassies they were pretty cool. Straight after that we went to Parliament House and got to go to the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Then we had lunch and National Canberra Exhibition that was pretty cool. Then we went to the Australian Institute of Sport and looked at their cool stuff equipment and their people and history. Then we went to this room with sport games and everyone loved it.

After that we went back to the Ibis hotel and had dinner straight after dinner we got on the bus to Telstra tower and had an amazing view of the A.C.T. Then we went back to the Ibis hotel down the steep hill it was an amazing experience when we got back we all talked for an hour and the fell asleep. On the last day we got up at 7:30 and had breakfast then we left to go to the Australian museum. We saw all the cool stuff that Australia has made and done. Then we went to Questacon for our last activity. At Questacon we did heaps of cool stuff we even saw a real man made lightning generator we saw heaps more other stuff like a table hocky robot which was undefeatable but the star attraction was the free fall it was s much fun.

After Questacon we went back to the hotel and packed the bus, also as I was loading the bus with Joe as every one went on the bus and I finished loading the bus I saw a fox standing on the road staring at me! After that it ran away. On the way back we stoped at a stop over and had lunch our bus driver was really nice and let us watch Shrek and Frozen.

When the musical of Shrek came on, every one started dancing. But the star of the show was let it go! When we got back we were all really tired but happy to be back.

By Max (5/6A)

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Band Blow In


Help Nicho kids be the best they can be!

Would you like to help kids at Nicho learn, but aren't able to spend time in the classroom?

Become the school's Ethics Coordinator.

Ethics is offered as part of the Scripture/non-scripture program at Nicho.

Every week more than half the kids take part in Ethics lessons where they're taught HOW to think not WHAT to think. Ethics covers valuable learning topics like bullying, being an ethical consumer and why lying is wrong.

We have six volunteer teacher doing fantastic work in the classroom but our Co-ordinator is stepping down and we desperately need a replacement.

You don’t need any experience of either teaching or admin to become Nicho’s Ethics Co-ordinator as all training and materials will be given. The job involves recruitment and paperwork and acting as the link between the school and Primary Ethics. It's not a hard job and it doesn't take more than an hour a week but it’s enormously valuable.

For more information about Primary Ethics and becoming a volunteer visit or phone Louise Randall – the current Nicho Co-ordinator - on 0414 168842.

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Music Report

2016 Musical Soiree – Friday 20th November– all welcome!

Concert - 5.00pm-6.00pm

Come and celebrate the achievements of all of our hardworking musicians in this end of year performing arts concert. Enjoy the fantastic performances of Concert Band, Training Band, Introduction to Music Group, Recorder, Choir, Trash Percussion and the Guitar Ensembles.

Our wonderful music tutors will be on hand if you would like to have a chat about joining any of our 2016 music ensembles.

Band Workshop with assistance from students from Sydney Secondary College’s Instrumental Music Program

- Wednesday 18th November

The Term 4 Band Workshop or Concert Band and Training Band will be run in partnership with the Instrumental Music Program of Sydney Secondary College. Student musicians from Balmain and Leichhardt Campuses will come to Nicholson Street to work with our concert and training band members in intensive small group tutorials and in larger ensemble rehearsals. Our conductors Bec Rawson and Kate Whitton will supervise the rehearsals and tutorials.

This is a new initiative for the Nicholson Street Music Program, organised by Bec Rawson and Mark Stevens of the IMP which will further enhance the links between our local schools while also providing peer to peer support for our young musicans, once again showing them that their musical journey can and should continue on into high school and beyond.

Band Prom & Try an Instrument Session

Our Band members performed in front of the whole school on Wednesday for our annual Band Prom. The kids were introduced to the instrument families by our student musicians who also talked about what they like about band and why they chose their .

The Music Program then took over the school library for our always popular Try an Instrument session. This event is open to every child in the school - for some it is the first time that they will have the opportunity to handle and play a concert band instrument or to discover their inner drummer with the percussion equipment. Our music tutors for flute, clarinet, saxophone, brass and percussion were on hand to help the children to have a blow and a bash as well as to make note of which instruments were most suited to each child. Our Year 6 musicians were invaluable helpers on the day.

Loyalty Square: Choir and Band performance

Our Concert Band and Choir performed at the Loyalty Square event on Saturday 17th October. Both groups gave wonderful self-directed performances and were wonderful ambassadors for our school. Well done everyone. Thanks also to the parents who reorganized family timetables to get them there on time, in uniform and with their instruments.

Calling all percussionists!

Thank you to the P&C for generously funding the purchase of our light weight, portable Rhythm Traveller drum kit to replace our very well-loved but ancient drum kit.

If you would like more information on any of our music groups, please contact Kathryn Reynolds on

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