Nathaniel the Soul Scraper

Gothic Romanticist Writer

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Nathaniel Hawthorne was an American Novelist, Dark Romanticism and short story writer. Born July 8th 1804 in Salem Massachusetts. Hawthorne published his first work in 1828. A novel titled Fanshawe. Later on he wrote the most famous work of his the Scarlet Letter and many other known short stories and novels. Such as "The Minister's Black Veil" and "The Birth Mark"

Go to the Grave

O to the grave where friends are laid,

And learn how quickly mortals fade,

Learn how the fairest flower must droop

,Learn how the strongest form must stoop,

Learn that we are but dust and clay,

The short-liv'd creatures of a day.

Yet do not sigh -- there is a clime,

Where they will dwell through endless time,

Who here on earth their Maker serve,

And never from his precepts swerve.

The grave to them is but a road,

That leads them to that blest abode


T- Go to the Grave

P-Accepting death is a part of life

C-dust, endless time, mortals

A- ignorant but truthful

S- goes from not caring to remembering the dead

T- Life will go on


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