Freak Shows


Who and What? When and Where? Why and How?

The first “Freak Show” was performed by two conjoined twin brothers, Lazarus and Johannes Baptista Colloredo. They were called the Colloredo Brothers. Some other well known acts are the Dog-faced man, or the man with elastic skin.
A sideshow or freak show had multiple forms of entertainment in the evenings, which consisted of 10 “Freaks” up on stage in front of many people. Occasionally a magician would appear to relieve the audience of the abnormalities they’ve witnessed.

Freak shows started in the early 16th century.

Sideshows or Freak shows are almost everywhere, not just in one specific place.

It was created for people’s entertainment.

A Leader or Boss of a show would normally gather “Freaks”.

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