Biodiesel In Our School Buses

By: Sid, Suvarsha, Cannon, Dawson

Information On Our Plan (Part A)

  • Biodiesel will be installed to our school buses.
  • We are trying to help the environment from pollution.
  • The buses are using gasoline which is very harmful to the environment ,we are trying to change that by replacing that biodiesel, which is not harmful to the environment.
  • Our product runs on soybean oil
  • Biodiesel itself is made by raw soybeans.

Installation (Part B)

  • The School Board might be willing to help us.
  • They will be able to maintain this plan because almost all the schools have school buses so this could be one of their main priorities.
  • Yes we will need to get approval because this is going to cost a lot of money.

Cost (Part C)

  • The cost is $2.00 per gallon
  • We might be able to set up a fundraiser to get the money we need for Biodiesel.
  • We will also be starting a fun run to raise money.
  • We will be making posters to hang up in the hallway to get a little more awareness.

PROS & CONS (Part D)

This is beneficial because this is clean to the environment and many factory's are making the fuel we need to power the buses.

  • PROS
  • Biodiesel isn't toxic
  • Biodiesel is safer to handle compared to standard diesel
  • Biodiesel is easy to produce
  • Lowers the level of pollution
  • Cons
  • Water Use
  • More expensive than regular gasoline.
  • Pure biodiesel has problems in cold weather.
  • Food Shortage

Yes, this will be worth to put in our buses because it is very harmless to the environment and very energy efficient.

How Its Made Biodiesel