Learning About Eating Disorders

Cassidy Kraft

Why is Learning About Eating Disorders Important?

Learning about the life threatening affects eating disorders can have on someone could help people understand how serious they can be and it could prevent themselves, and help them to prevent others from having to deal with the consequences.

Eating Disorder Qualities

Signs that someone may have an eating disorder are someone who is eating too little or too much food, going to the bathroom after every time they eat, and significant changes in body image.

Bad Food??

Yes, some foods are harmful to our health, especially if we are getting way too little or way too much of certain foods.


Media like magazines, T.V., and social media sites all have more of an impact on eating disorders than you think. Especially among teenage girls, seeing photo-shopped images can influence their eating habits, making them want to be as thin as the picture.

How You Can Help

You can help prevent others from getting eating disorders and help others recover from them by sharing the consequences and life threatening affects eating disorders can have on you and show the benefits of eating a healthy diet!