K-2 Super Summer Learning

Week of June 15-19, 2020


I am so glad you have decided to join us on our Super Summer Learning adventure! I hope you are ready for a lot of learning and a lot of fun!

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Mrs. Hill and Ms. Saucier

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This week, you are going to listen to a sweet story about a little robot named Clink. As you listen, think about what is the main problem in the story? How does this problem get solved? Would you have done what the little boy did at the end of the story?


Now, think back to what you just listened to and retell the story. Below is some guide lines for each grade to help you!

Use the words next to the correct grade level to help you retell the story:

KINDER: First, then, last

FIRST: First, then (tell about the problem), last (how was the problem solved)

SECOND: First, then (tell about the problem), next (how did he try and fix it), last (how was the problem finally solved)

You may write it down, or retell it to your parents and they can record it for you.


Now I want you to be like Milton! Using things around your house and build you a friendly robot! The sky is the limit and use your imagination! I can't wait to see your creations.

See below for a few examples.

Click here to submit through Flipgrid!

Use this link to submit your robot and retell your story!


This week you are going to find out how tall your family members are! Choose a non standard unit that you will measure the height of your family members. This could be cards, cups, pencils, hands - anything that you want to use! Have each person lie down and measure them from head to toe. Draw a picture of your family members from shortest to tallest. Using Flipgrid, show how what you used as your measuring unit and how many you used to measure each person. Show the picture of your family and use math vocabulary to talk about what you learned (shortest, tallest, taller than, shorter than). Think of a creative way to present your work!

** Parents, send pictures of your student measuring through remind! We'd love to see!

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Do you see how I used sharpies to measure my husband? He is 12 sharpies tall! You can use anything you'd like (as long as the object you are using is the same length)!

Use this link to show me what you used to measure your family and show me the picture of your family! Tell me what you have learned!