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October 2020 District Newsletter

Welcome to our October 2020 District Newsletter!

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Superintendent's Message: Health & Safety Metric Data and Decision Making Model Update

In August, we informed our school community that we would begin the school year with a Full Remote Learning model. I reported that the assessment and determination of when we would be able to return to some level of in-person teaching and learning would be conducted regularly but would not occur prior to October 1, 2020.

We continue to analyze the COVID-19 data as is presented by the Lake County Health Department's COVID-19 School Decision Dashboard. This dashboard reports data for the Lake County area, broken down by zip code.

Metrics utilized in the Lake County Health Department's suggested learning model dashboard include:

  • 7-Day Rolling Average Test Positivity Rate
  • 7-Day Rolling Average Incident Rate
  • COVID-19 Like Illness Hospital Admissions in Lake County
  • Diagnostic Test Turn Around Time in Lake County

Each metric provides a range for which full-remote, hybrid, and in-person learning for all, is recommended. The Lake County Health Department recommends hitting all four metrics simultaneously in order to return to in-person instruction in any form. At this point in time, the Round Lake Area does not meet the suggested ranges for hybrid or in-person learning for all instruction.

On Monday, October 5, 2020, health and safety data for the Round Lake Area's zip code of 60073 will be presented to the Board of Education at their Regular Board Meeting. In September, the Board returned to in-person meetings utilizing appropriate health and safety guidelines. Due to the planned discussion related to the Health and Safety Metric Data and Decision Making Model during the October 5 regular meeting and current limitations with streaming the meeting, the Board has made a decision to hold this meeting virtually. The public may view the meeting via Zoom, beginning at 7:00pm. Any public interested in making a public comment may do so in person at the John T. Magee Middle School Cafeteria, located at 500 N Cedar Lake Rd, Round Lake or by submitting an electronic public comment. Electronic public comment forms will be made available via email, website and social media on Monday, October 5.

RLAS-116 Board of Education Regular Meeting

October 5, 2020; 7:00pm

Public Zoom Link:

Parent's Guide to Full Remote Learning

Our District's Teaching & Learning Department has created a Parent's Guide to Full Remote Learning. This document provides a wide-array of topics that will assist parents as you continue to support your child(ren) during this full-remote learning environment.

Some of the topics addressed within the Parent Guide include: common definitions; instructional technology resources; general requirements and expectations; grading and feedback; communication; student engagement and attendance; and student schedules.

Please take some time to review the Parent Guide. Please contact your child's teacher or school principal with any questions.

Remote Learning Parent Feedback Survey

We are several weeks into the start of the school year within this full-remote learning model. It is important that we hear from parents regarding how you feel the model is fitting the needs of you and your child(ren). Please take a few moments to respond to the Full-Remote Learning Parent Feedback Survey below. The survey will be open through Friday, October 9. Thank you in advance for your feedback!

Any parents interested in participating in a focus group to discuss the results of these surveys in more detail are asked to contact Heather Bennett, Executive Director of Engagement & Community Relations at by Friday, October 9.

Remote Learning Expectations

We thank our families for their continued support during the Full Remote Learning environment. As a reminder, please remember to have students set up in a quiet space, away from distractions, within the home or daycare setting. Audio should be muted if sound is prevalent in the space where students are working so that virtual classrooms may remain focused on the instructional content.

Weekly Attendance Messages

Beginning this month, weekly attendance messages will be sent to parents of students who were marked absent during the prior week of school. Messages will be sent on Wednesday afternoons via autocall, email and text.

A student may be marked absent for the following two reasons.

  1. Unsatisfactory participation in lessons, and
  2. Has not submitted any assignments in a class, which were due at 11:59pm on Sunday

Attendance tracking takes on a different definition during remote learning. During a traditional in-person structure, students are marked absent if they are not physically present in class. In a remote learning setting, attendance is determined through virtual attendance of a live class or completion of tasks indicating that a student has participated in the lesson asynchronously (recorded lesson).

Participation in the Lesson

Students can demonstrate participation in the lesson by attending live sessions or by completing Checks for Understanding / Evidence of Learning that are embedded in lessons.

Work Completion

Students must complete assigned work by 11:59pm on Sunday evening.

If you have any questions about this attendance information, please contact your child's school office.

Grab-n-Go Food Service Expanded to Community Members

RLAS-116 continues to serve Grab-n-Go meals (breakfast and lunch) on school days. The program was recently expanded to permit meal distribution to any community individual 18 years old and younger.

Free meals are available at the following school locations on school days, 8:00am-12:00pm.

  • Round Lake High School
  • Round Lake Middle School
  • John T. Magee Middle School
  • Beach Elementary School
  • Ellis Elementary School
  • Indian Hill Elementary School
  • Murphy Elementary School
  • Village Elementary School

Families may also pick up meals at 12 mobile sites. Mobile site locations are posted on the District's website.

Parents may pick up their month's supply of snacks for preschool students at Village Elementary School at the start of each month during the meal distribution times listed above.

Board Briefs

The RLAS-116 Board of Education is committed to ensuring consistent communication with our school community. The Board returned to in-person meetings in September. In an effort to continue thorough communication and transparency, the Board will post monthly Board Briefs. These briefs will include a summary of the month's regular Board meeting activities.

September 2020 Board Briefs

Board meetings will be held at the John T. Magee Middle School Cafeteria as long as health and safety guidelines allow. Attendees may access the meeting by entering the Activity Entrance from the back parking lot. Attendees are limited to 50. Health screenings, including temperature checks, are conducted prior to entering the meeting space. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher and/or reports COVID-19 symptoms will not be permitted to enter the building.

Detailed memos, resolutions, and other documentation related to Board agenda items may be viewed by the public on the district's website.

Note: The October 5, 2020 Regular Board Meeting will be held virtually. The public may observe this meeting at the following Zoom link.


It is important that you continue to remain connected to your child's teacher, school and district administration. Please contact Heather Bennett at if you have any questions about the information posted in this newsletter.