Newsletter Submissions!

What Newsletter?

Each month I put together a newsletter with happenings and recognition for SPARK. Recognition for your team for their monthly achievements is really vital to their motivation!

What Do We Recognize?

We recognize the following in the newsletter:
Sales of over $1000 (HOC 1)
WYOSS Levels
Qualifying Months
Leader Story Continued

Who is Responsible for Submitting Sales Numbers for the Newsletter?

All Team Leaders will submit sales for their CENTRAL GROUP ONLY.

How Do I Find the Numbers?

Watch the below video to see how to find the numbers. Make sure your page is set to LAST month's sales numbers.
If you are not sure if someone achieved a kit level this month or last..when in doubt submit again!
How to Submit Monthly Sales

Where Do I Submit My Numbers?

Submit your information right here:

When do I have to have this done?

To be in the newsletter, submissions need to be in by April 7th

This Looks Complicated. How much time does it take?

Actually it is really easy and will only take you 10 minutes!