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Ming Tombs

Did you know the Ming Tombs are located 31 miles North east from the city of Beijing China? The tombs were built at the base of the Tianshou Mountain and were made to be in harmony with nature. This location is where the mausoleums of 13 different emperors from the Ming Dynasty are. These tombs are the best preserved and have the most emperors. For a tour go to This is such a beautiful place to visit. Hope you enjoy!

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The Huangguoshu waterfall

Did you know the Huangguoshu waterfall is the largest waterfall in china? Wow!The waterfall flows down into Rhinoceros pool. The Huangguoshu waterfall is 225 ft tall and 331 ft wide. There is a road on the mountain side that will take you right to a water curtain cave. There is a viewing spot in the Waterfall Viewing Pavilion where you can see the waterfall from a distance. Another viewing area is the water viewing stage where you can get a bird’s eye view of the waterfall. For a tour go to The waterfall is an astounding place to visit and will be very relaxing!

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The Tropical Rain Forest of Xishuangbanna

Chirp, chirp, chirp. The birds in China’s rainforest sing. The Tropical rain forest of Xishuangbanna has an area of 2402 square kilometers. It is the only well preserved rainforest in the whole world! There are 3500 plants in the rainforest. The rain forest also has 58 kinds of rare vegetation. It is hot, rainy, and humid in the rain forest. There are golden monkeys, peacocks, and elephants. For a hotel by the rainforest go to The Rainforest is such a beautiful place to visit. Have fun looking at the wonderful nature in China.
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Forbidden City-Beijing (Private Tour + Historical Facts)

The Forbidden City

You are talking with your neighbor in china. “Have you heard,” Your neighbor whispered “about the forbidden city? ”The forbidden city is located at the center of Gu Gong. It has been an imperial dynasty during the Ming and Qing dynasties.The emperor Chengzu from the Ming Dynasty built the forbidden city during 14 years of his reign. The forbidden city is the largest palace complex in the world. It is surrounded by a 52 meter wide moat and 10 meter high wall. The forbidden city was home to 24 emperors with a total of 90 palaces and courtyards, 980 buildings and 8704 rooms. At each corner there is a guard tower. The forbidden city was built as a replica of the purple palace. Go to the forbidden city museum at The Forbidden city is so beautiful and huge! It will be a wonderful addition to any vacation.
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The Zhou Period

You are a potter in the Zhou period. You are wondering when the Zhou dynasty is going to end.The Zhou dynasty was the longest lasting dynasty in China. The first historical figure was King Wen. King Wen was the dynasty’s founder. Many ideas were being developed by Laozi, Confucius, Mencius and Mozi. Important chinese schools of thought were created at this time too. The schools were Taoism, Confucianism and legalism. For more information about the Zhou dynasty go to or you can visit the great wall of china. The Great Wall will be the highlight of your vacation.

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King Wen

Bang, bang, bang. “Let me out!” Cried King Wen. King Wen was the Zhou dynasty’s founder. He was the king of the Zhou dynasty during the late Shang dynasty. King Wen was married to Tai SI and had at least 10 kids. King Zhou was soon afraid of Wen’s growing power so he imprisoned him in present day Tangyin. When Wen was released he planned to overthrow King Zhou. King Wen of Zhou’s son conquered Shang not him. If you want to learn more go to the Metropolitan Museum of New York or got to their website


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