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June 2023

Newsletter #61

It's been a while since you've been filled in on what's happening here at Goodness Grows! This spring has been full of building and fencing raised beds, weeding and planting (and more weeding!), preparing and planting the fields, and anxiously watching all the beautiful growth. Crestview High School's special needs class worked with us one day a week throughout the spring. Former intern Brin brought her goat - Jameson - for a visit to help with our decade-plus battle against comfrey. Canfield Presbyterian Church came with a group to volunteer during their Youth Mission Week. (We sure do appreciate volunteers! If you know of any groups looking for service projects - send them our way, please!) A highlight of their visit was that our former intern Trevor Wilson (Now Dr. Wilson!) was part of that group! There have been many jam making sessions, a few field trips, the return of interns working here for the summer, and three of our crew starred in Beauty & the Beast Jr. with Squeaky Wheel Theater in Columbiana. It really has been a jam-packed season!

Fun with Summer Interns!

We are so glad to be able to say "Welcome home!" to Cam and Keaton, returning to GG after college classes ended for the summer! Joining our GG family this summer is Liam, their younger brother. He is the fourth brother to be part of our crew, continuing the tradition started by Darius years ago. We love this tradition, hope it continues forever, and now are happy to say, "Welcome home, Liam!" You can certainly tell by all the smiles that the GG folks love having our interns on board.

Congratulations to Our Actors!

Squeaky Wheel Theater does such a fabulous job with their productions! We highly recommend keeping an eye on their Facebook page and checking out a show whenever you can!

Visiting Kelly in Medina

Former intern Kelly Shannon has a new job running a lovely cafe with a crew of adults with disabilities. We took a day to travel up there to see her, learn about their program, and enjoy a delicious lunch. We highly recommend a trip to the Grande Café & Roastery. You won't be disappointed! We certainly enjoyed everything we ate and loved seeing Kelly. We are so proud of all she is doing!

A New Adventure

Last October we were lucky enough to have a special exercise class here at GG by Bethany Crouch and some folks with whom she was already working. Bethany now has classes in Canfield and some of our group have signed up to attend twice a month for the summer. We already had our first experience there and it was a hit! Read more about this wonderful business Bethany has created called FITNESS FOR ALL...

"I have always dreamed of creating something fitness related for the special needs population and that is why I generated this idea during my internship, and I wanted to take it a step further and I got my LLC for Fitness For All."

"When I finished my internship project in October, I had one student say to me "wow, I actually really enjoyed exercising and it felt good", and that's what I am doing it for. I want to give these individuals an environment where they can grow, learn, gain confidence and gain overall strength in who they are. I want to apply my education in exercise science and my passion for the special needs community and create something that can provide a space for fitness, and friendship FOR ALL. I will be offering group yoga classes, 1 on 1 strength training, and 30 min FUN-HIIT workouts."

We love what Bethany is doing and we are excited about taking part in these classes!

Heroes & Halos Here in Common Ground's Warehouse

Our Heroes & Halos friends have been hard at work getting ready for their upcoming
summer event that will be held here next Saturday.

H&H is a non-profit organization that reaches out to the community and provides Awareness, Education, Assistance, and Outreach Programs regarding Individuals with Special Needs and Disabilities and their families. Check them out on Facebook.

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So Much Planting & Growing

It is almost time for our CSA pick up days to begin. (Yay! That's our favorite time of year! We'll see all you CSA folks on June 29th between 4-7pm.) We started some plants in late winter in our newly heated greenhouse, started more as the days warmed up, and purchased some plants locally. Now we are done with the planting push and have moved on to plant caretaking while looking forward to the harvest to come. We have peas and strawberries and tomatoes and...way too many things to list! Keep your fingers crossed for our cauliflower. It is apparently our resident groundhog's favorite food. Whatever you do, do not ask Rachel how many times we have replanted cauliflower this spring!

Jungle Jam & Juicy Jam

Available at Reach for the STARS in Salem, in Columbiana at
Living Luxe Designs, and here at GG.

Jungle Jam: - $7 - Blueberry Jalapeno, Strawberry Jalapeno, Hot,

Cherry Habanero, Pineapple Habanero, Dragon

Juicy Jam: - $7 - Cherry Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade

Special Sale: - $5 - Cranberry Jalapeno Jungle Jam
Help us clear out the last of this flavorful jam to make room for summer flavors!

Did you know that jam sales are our main source of income allowing us to pay our clients for all their work? Staff can be paid using the money we earn from the state as a DODD vocational habilitation site, but client paychecks cannot come out of that. As a result, all jams sold are extremely important to us and very appreciated. Your support truly keeps our programs running! Thank you!

Harbel's Market

We weren't able to arrange schedules to take part in Harbel's Market this summer, but we sure hope you continue to support this place full of local goodness! Located at 45443 SR 14 at Vagabond Village, across from Firestone Farms, there are plenty of reasons to visit. This Saturday, from 12-1pm, they're hosting the Friends of the Columbiana Library's Library on the Lawn. This is a free event, kids of all ages welcome. Stop by to hear a timeless classic story and check out all the wonderful vendors.
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Goodness Grows is a 501(c)3 non-profit operating out of Common Ground Church Community. Our mission is to cultivate personal, social, and community growth through gardening, education, and opportunity for people of all abilities. We are working to improve people's lives through social and therapeutic gardening practices. We'd love for you to join us! Contact us anytime if you'd like to volunteer or learn more about what we do.