November 17, 2020

Message from Principal

As most of you know by now, we are transitioning to our Remote Learning Plan after Thanksgiving. We will remain on Remote Learning until after Christmas
Break. The current plan is to return to in-person school January 5, 2021. You will find below expectations and tech support plans. This plans also includes expectations and learning tips for both students and parents. Please keep in mind that this is an evolving situation and these plans could change as events change. However, our goal is to keep this as simple and easy as possible and maintain some normalcy and routine for our students. Remember when we transition to distance learning, teachers will still report to the building for work.

There is clear evidence that student learning decreases during distance learning when there is a prolonged absence of face-to-face contact with a teacher. There is an expectation that students engage in a google meet with every classroom teacher twice weekly. I would encourage you to record video greetings (record a google meet) and post along with assignments to your google classroom. If you have not done this before, please practice doing this with an upcoming assignment or lesson and post to your google classroom. This is an easy way to connect to students and let them see your face. Please see below our expectations for teachers, students, and parents during a possible transition to online learning.


Big picture


1. All teachers are required to conduct online learning via Google Classroom during Remote Learning.

2. All normal operating instructional guidelines remain: Instructional planning, delivery of content and assessment of learning.

3. Teachers will assign two lessons to be submitted for grades weekly. Completion and submission of these assignments will be a component of student attendance. Of course not every learning experience needs to be or should be graded. Grades of course should measure student learning. A student participating in a virtual class meeting is an appropriate way to measure student learning. For example, students responding to a teacher posted question on Google Classroom stream during a virtual class could constitute a grade.

4. Student attendance will also be based upon their check-in to required Google Meet Virtual Classes.

5. Although only two lessons per week are required for grading. Teachers will submit a daily learning activity for students to Google Classroom. All learning activities, whether graded or not, should be submitted to Google Classroom no later than 8:00 AM Monday - Friday.

6. PL classes will continue on normal pacing guide and learning plan. PL teachers are required to conduct regular class meetings via Google Meet on normal class meeting days.

7. Traditional and Elective teachers will follow Virtual Class Meeting Schedule linked above.

8. Teachers must be available for students either through email or Google Meet on non virtual class meeting days from 8:10-11:45 and 12:40-3:15 except for their scheduled plan time. On virtual class meeting days teachers operate a normal teaching schedule and assist students during regularly scheduled classes.

9. Fridays are virtual learning days where learning activities are posted to Google Classroom and students work independently. Teachers are available to provide assistance via email or Google Meet.

10. Teachers are strongly encouraged to post learning activities to Google Classroom that include a personalized message from teacher. For example, you can introduce a learning activity that includes a google meet recording.

11. Flexibility will be required from all participants during Remote Learning: teachers, administrators, students, parents, etc. School closures will affect students in different ways.


1. It is expected that students complete all assignments for all classes during this remote-learning experience.

2. Students will be accountable for all work and learning activities during Remote Learning. All learning and assigned work applies to established curriculum and pacing guides.

3. Students will log in each day to view all assignments and learning activities posted on Google Classroom.

4. Students will attend all Virtual Class Meetings on assigned days for each enrolled course. These meetings are counted towards student attendance during Remote Learning Days.

5. Students should contact teachers directly via email or Google Classroom/Google Meet during Remote Learning Days. Teachers are available via email during their established working hours. However, emails sent after work hours may not be returned until the following day.

6. Student attendance is required during Remote Learning Days. Student attendance is based upon their required Virtual Class Meetings twice weekly, and completion of two graded assignments weekly. Friday is a Virtual Learning day and students are required to work independently. However teachers are available through email or google meets.


1. Help support students establish a daily routine

2. Support students establishing a workplace. Help students separate between work and personal time.

3. Contact the school if technical assistance is needed.

4. Contact the school if a student is sick or unable to engage in distance learning. State and school attendance policies will apply during this time and attendance is based upon student attendance at virtual class meetings and completion of two graded learning activities per week.

5. Monitor your students engagement in learning activities and make sure they are checking emails and google classroom messages from teachers.

6. Encourage students to maintain positive social engagement with friends and mentors.

7. Take care of yourself and understand this situation requires grace and understanding for all involved, including yourself.


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It is imperative that you have the ability to do the following:

1. Integrate Google Meet with Google Classroom (very easy)

2. Record a Google Meet (also very easy)

However we all know nothing is easy unless you have done it before!

I've assigned the following teachers to check-in with their respective departments and provide assistance in helping make sure teachers can assign and conduct Google Meets through Google Classroom and Record Google Meets:

Swift: English

Sikes: Social Studies

Rolin: Science

Matthews: Math

Hilger/Tuttle: Electives

The expectation is that these teachers will provide targeted assistance this week to teachers who need extra support. Please complete the Google Form Below and help me identify who needs help. If you need help, please be sure to complete the form.

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