The Nightmarys

By Dan Pablocki

The Main Characters

The main characters in my book are Timothy July and Abigail Kindred. The story takes place in present day New Starkham, Massachusetts. Abigail is the new girl and Timothy gets partnered up with her for a school project. Timothy is having nightmares about his brother, Ben, who is in a coma. Timothy starts to see Ben in what he thinks is real life until he starts to decay right before his eyes. Abigail is getting haunted by the Nightmarys. They try to make her go with them to who knows where. Abigail's grandmother has a strange past. When she was young one of her friends got kidnapped by a very well known college professor and she told on him. They all have fears that are haunting them during the night and day.


Timothy and Abigail's fears are tormenting them. They have to figure out how to think their way out of their fears because they know that their fears aren't real. The college professor that kidnapped Abigail's grandmas friend, his son has a jawbone that can make whoever he curses fears come to life. He has targeted Abigail and Timothy to get revenge for his father. The jawbone needs to be fed corpses to work. Timothy and Abigail get trapped in a light house that was made by the college professor for his son to figure out the clues he left to find his treasures. Hey must defeat him and their fears and destroy the jawbone.