World Heritage Newsletter

February 2016

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Scholarship student, Makhabat from Kyrgyzstan, experiencing the ocean for the first time in her life, during a trip to North Carolina with her host parents! Rep: Diane Galvin, VA

It's time for Placements!

Recruiting and finding qualified host families truly is a group

effort. In order to place all of our students every member of our

team needs to do their part. What am I doing to help? Sending

out PSA’s to local newspapers and contacting past families, leads

and representatives. What is important to remember is YOU are

the face of World Heritage in your community- YOU are the

one who can build in person relationships with schools, churches,

community groups and families. The students are relying on

YOU to help find them a qualified host family.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1.) Call and email past and current host families. Even if I am

doing this, families often like the “local” touch! Remember

former host families can see the PUBLIC Availability List

while current families can see the real photos displayed on the

INTERNAL Availability List. If they cannot repeat host, ask

for referrals

2.) Contact schools. Go in person if possible and leave both

Inbound and Outbound materials for world language teachers

and counselors. Be sure to include your contact info!

3.) Find out when the PTA meets and see if YOU can make a

presentation and/or put a ‘blurb,’ with your information in

their PTA newsletter

4.) Ask if YOU can set up an info table during conference

days or any other time when lots of parents will be in the

building (i.e. basketball games, school open houses’, etc.)

5.) Ask friends and neighbors if they would like to host

6.) Use Craigslist or volunteer sites—YOU can zero in on

your area but don’t use specific student info

7.) Ask churches to put the need for host families in their

bulletins, set up a table, or hang a flyer

8.) Choose a student from the list who YOU like. Network off

their interests. Example: a dancer— contact a local dance


9.) Keep trying—I know networking may not yield instant

results, but it will eventually!

10.) Stay in touch with ME! Let’s work together!

Remember: We don't want to 'hard sell' anyone, you are simply letting people know about the opportunity, the family has to want to partake so that everyone has a great year. The best way to find host families is just to let people know about the opportunity. If we have a student on the list that you want to approach a particular family with, then that's great too!

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Rep: Luciana Swenson with students: Aureanne (France), Sarah from (Germany) and Kanwara (Thailand) all participating in an interview for a TV station in Rutland, Vermont (congrats to new rep, David Rose, for organizing this great promotional event and a big 'thank you' to Luciana for driving the students and letting them have this experience).

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Scholarship student, Roksolana, from the Ukraine during a recent trip to the State Capital in Vermont with her rep: Shirley Jacobs, VT.

Placement bonus

In addition to the regular stipend, World Heritage offers a bonus for each student placed by a certain date:

June 1st, 2016

  • 1 student = $200
  • 3 students = $300
  • 6 students = $400
  • 9 students = $500

So if you have 9 students in place by June 1st you will receive an addition lump sum of $4500 along with the first payment of your stipend for overseeing the placement.

June 30th, 2016

  • 1 student = $150
  • 3 students = $250
  • 6 students = $350
  • 9 students = $450

It is definitely worth getting the students placed early for the early placing bonus and nice for both the students and the host families to have the chance to get to know each other for a while before the students arrive in the USA.

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Sharon Kalbarczyk, MD with her students: Chris (Denmark), Mee (Thailand) and host daughter, Makhabat (Kyrgyzstan).

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Student, Sophie (Germany) with host mom, Fiona, enjoying tea at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Washington DC. (rep: Diane Galvin, VA)

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Elena (Spain) with host mom, Lilia (a yoga instructor) and host sister, Karlisse. Monroe, CT (rep: Denise Simeone, CT)

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Rep: Diane Galvin with students Chris (Denmark), Makhabat (Kyrgyzstan), Mee (Thailand) (host son) and Diane's husband at the Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore, MD.

Looking at students in the database

One of the best ways to place students is one at a time. Look in the database, pick a student or two that you really like and concentrate on placing them first.

To get into the database, go to

put in your email address and password

In the black line at the top of the page, change the year to 2016-17

Then click on availability list under the black line

A criteria page will come up, in 'internal or public', choose internal (photos) or public (no photos).

In 'limit results', put unlimited or chose your students based on gender, country of residence, interests, etc. Then press 'continue'. The students will then appear in a list. If you are emailing the list, please make sure that you do not send photos of students to anyone that is not a screened family (we need a home visit and their paperwork before we can send them photos of students), you can send photos to current host families.

If you have problems accessing the database or navigating it, don't hesitate to call me.

Contact info!

Don't hesitate to call me for help with host family recruitment, if you need flyers, pamphlets or anything at all.