iPad Photo Scavenger Hunts

Karen Wright-Balbier

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Go on a Photo Scavenger Hunt

What is a photo scavenger hunt? Finding and presenting real world or creative examples of educational concepts using digital tools. Students can photograph what they find, draw, or act out during the course of the scavenger hunt.

There are three parts to a photo scavenger hunt: the list, the hunt, and the share.

But First - The Apps We are Using

We have selected the built-in Camera app, Pic Collage Kids (or just Pic Collage for Android), and Seesaw: The Learning Journal. These apps aid and allow the students to take the pictures and organize them in a useful way, and allow the project to be handed in to the teacher. Other apps can also facilitate this process, but these are easy to use and provide a nice selection of features.

The List

The key with the list is to ensure that the items that the students are hunting demonstrate their learning and mastery of a concept. Your list should require the students to think through the concept and take images that express what they have learned.

PowerPoint file with examples

The Hunt

This is where the students will use the devices to take the pictures to demonstrate their knowledge. In our example we will be using the built-in camera app on the device. You might have your students find example in the classroom, take them around the school to find examples, or have students take pictures while on a field trip.

It may be useful to have a set of rules for students to follow while they are on the Scavenger Hunt.

Other Helpful Apps

These are some other apps that can help out while taking pictures.

The Share

Once all of the pictures have been taken, you need a way to have the students turn in their work. It is important to give students the opportunity to explain their picture selections, to further confirm their understanding of the content. This is where some additional apps can be helpful.

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