How this form of transportation works

What is the point of a Helicopter? Who invented it?

The point of a Helicopter is so that we can fly in the air without this huge rotor. With a Helicopter you can fly around with one rotor. Igor Sikorksy. Who's that. The inventor. He was also the first to take flight. Although it only stayed in the air for a few seconds, it was probably the best few seconds of his life.

Basic Parts

A Helicopter has many parts. One of them is the Tail Rotor. It prevents the Helicopter from spinning around and around in circles. It also helps control the Helicopters direction when flying. Next is the Tail Boom. The Tail Boom is the long piece that connects the Cockpit to the Tail Rotor. Behind the Landing Skids is the Engine, Transmission, Fuel, and more. Then there is the Landing Skids. The Landing Skids is the part that allows the Helicopter to have a safe landing. The Landing Skids are one part of the landing gear. The Main Motor Blade is the main blade out of two blades. The Rotor Mast is the part that holds the two blades in one spot and allows the blades to spin. Last but not least, The Cockpit. The Cockpit is the part that you are in. The part with all of the buttons that you will get confused with and push the wrong one and go plummeting down to Earth. Just kidding, that won't happen. Or will it.

More Facts About How They Work

The Rotor Blades start spinning. The Helicopter flies upward against the force of gravity by using the blades to push down the air beneath them. The rear rotor allows the Helicopter to move forward, backward, and sideways.