Let's Meet Gadolinium (Gn)

By: Shayla Rodensal

What does this rare earth element look like?

Gn's atomic number is 64, and has a mass of 157.25 (3). Gn has a natural form of a solid, and is highly attracted to magnets(metal). It holds its beauty with its slivery white coloring.

What about Gn's properties?

Gn's melting point is at 1585 (1312 degrees c)k and its boiling point is at 3523 (or 3250 degrees c)k. Gadolinium belongs to period 6 and group 10.


Who discovered Gn and when?

Gadolinium was discovered by Jean De Marignac, 1880, Switzerland.

What can or do we use Gn for?

- Making gadolinium yttrium garnets which have microwave applications

- color on TVs

- CD disks

- conductive properties


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Gns best friend is silicon