APRES Dolphins S.W.I.M. January '23

An Extraordinary Place to Learn

A Message from Principal Wilson

Greetings Dolphin Families,

Welcome Back and Happy New Year! I am so excited to see our scholars return to school on Wednesday, January 4th to begin spring semester. I hope you all had a wonderful time enjoying family and loved ones over the winter holiday break.

Thank you to those families who donated gift cards and gifts to our staff the last week of December. We were able to surprise 30 staff members during our final week of a "December to Remember." Your thoughtfulness and partnership are greatly appreciated.

I cannot believe we have completed an entire semester and am eager with anticipation for what 2023 has in store for our Dolphin scholars. Let's flash back a moment to the successes we experienced in 2022.

  • Randolph was the first South Fulton Elementary School and the 53rd in the state of Georgia to receive the IB PYP distinction.
  • 2 students placed in the district Social Studies Fair
  • Randolph held its first annual Student Art Showcase
  • 1 student's art was selected for an exhibit at the High Museum
  • Randolph was recognized by the South Fulton PTA Council for highest growth in membership in 2022
  • 1st Place Winner in the 2022 district Technology Fair

This list does not include all of the wonderful things that are happening here, but as we move in to 2023 it is important that we continue to build upon these successes to propel us forward toward our goals.

We are excited about the return of our scholars tomorrow morning as we continue to strive to WIN the Year! Our new hashtag for all social media posts is #DolphinSWIM. If you post any content related to Randolph ES or follow us on Twitter @RandolphDolphin or join our Facebook group - Parents of A Philip Randolph Elementary be sure to like and tag #DolphinSWIM.

In Partnership,

Principal Wilson, Proud Dolphin

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Fall Semester Report Cards

Fall semester report cards will be available in Infinite Campus on January 18th. If you do not have an Infinite Campus Parent Portal Account please create one to access all of your student's attendance and grade information.
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Attendance Matters: Arrive On Time

Please be reminded that our start time is 7:40 AM daily. Students arriving after 7:40 AM are considered late to school.

Excessive tardiness results in a loss of instructional time for not only your scholar, but for the scholars and teacher who are being interrupted by late arrivals. Please make it a priority to bring your Dolphins to school on time. Dolphins who arrive late in excess of 10 times are subject to the residence verification process.

We are thankful for those of you who choose to walk your scholars to class each day. Please be reminded that pajamas, and head scarfs or bonnets are not appropriate dress when entering the building. Our school is a professional environment and must be treated as such. Your compliance with this request is appreciated.

Arrival and Dismissal Information

  • Morning car rider drop-off will take place in the front of the school. Randolph staff will be present at the carpool loop to receive students from 7:10am until 7:40am daily. Parents must park vehicles and escort students into the building and sign-in after 7:40am.
  • Bus rider parents, school busses depart our campus at 2:25pm daily. The FCS Code of Conduct applies to all students transported by school bus.
  • Afternoon car riders will be picked up in the front of the school. Cars will enter through the main entrance to the school from Campbellton Rd. Please have your car rider number ready in the window.
  • Afternoon car rider parents, please make sure your scholar is picked up by 2:45pm.
  • If picked up from school after 2:45pm, your scholar will be seated in the front office. Please park and come in to sign your scholar out. Parents who fail to pick up their scholars before 2:45pm in excess of 3 times will be required to either use bus transportation or secure after school care. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Safety is our priority.
  • As with students arriving tardy, students who are excessively picked up late are subject to residence verification.
  • Early student pick-up ends at 2:00pm daily. Please contact the school if in need of emergency early pick-up.

Accelerated Reader Kick Off for Spring Semester

Join us as we kick off our Accelerated Reader Spirit Week Jan 9-13! Let's Kick Off our LOVE of Reading!!!
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Who Do I Contact at A. Philip Randolph?

The relationship between the school community and families is critical. It is important that our staff is able to meet the needs of our stakeholders in the most effective way possible. In order to best serve you, please use the "Who Do I Contact" list as a guide for which team member can best support you.

Fulton County Schools Code of Conduct

Fulton County Schools is making its Student Code of Conduct & Discipline Handbook available online in PDF format (click here). Once you have read the electronic version and have reviewed the contents with your student(s), please take a moment to complete the Acknowledgement of Receipt Form. The acknowledgement of receipt must be signed off in the IC Parent Portal.
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School Uniforms and Dress Code

Uniforms are highly encouraged to wear to school every day; Wednesdays are College Days and Fridays of each week are spirit days!

  • The standard school uniform consists of a polo top and khaki or navy skirts, shorts or pants. A logo patch is optional, but are not required

    • Khaki bottoms are preferred with uniform tops, however, jeans are allowed to be worn with uniform tops, as well. *No frayed or ripped jeans are allowed*

  • Uniforms are worn on Monday – Thursday.
  • Wednesday is College Day! Students may wear a college shirt!
  • Every Friday is Spirit Wear and Free Dress Day. ****



*Randolph ES does not endorse any uniform vendors.

Fulton Dress Code-I.13a Improper Dress

Students in the school system are expected to dress and groom themselves in such a way as to reflect neatness, cleanliness and safety. All students shall dress appropriately so as not to disrupt or interfere with the educational program or the orderly operation of the school. Examples of inappropriate dress and grooming include lack of cleanliness in person or dress; shoelessness; "short-short" clothing; bare midriffs; "tank tops"; "see-through" clothing or apparel which designates gangs or similar organizations or any dress that is disruptive to the educational process. Designated dress involving school activities approved by the principal shall be acceptable. The principal or other duly authorized school official shall determine whether any particular mode of dress or grooming results in a violation of the spirit and/or the intent of this rule.

Here Comes the Bus

Thank you to those of you who have made sure you are at the bus stop to receive your scholar or for making arrangements for someone to be there. The number of scholars being brought back to the school has decreased. If your scholar is brought back to the school more than 3 times, you will be requested to enroll him/her in an afterschool program. Scholars being brought back to the school creates a hardship for our bus drivers and our administrative staff as they are not able to attend after school meetings or complete work tasks while supervising the students who have been returned.

Please download the Here Comes the Bus App to assist you with knowing when to report to the bus stop to meet your child(ren).

If you do not know your scholar's bus stop times or location, log into our transportation portal for this information.

To do this, visit http://edulogweb.fultonschools.org/livewq/webquery/ and type in your street name and number (It works best if you leave off the Rd, St suffix, i.e. Cascade instead of Cascade Rd.)

Due to a bus driver shortage, transportation challenges are expected to affect bus routes and on-time arrivals at schools this year. Parents and students are encouraged to sign up for our free “Here Comes the Bus” app that allows students and parents to track their bus in real time. Alerts notify parents when the bus is just a few blocks away from the bus stop, offering safety for students and peace of mind for parents.

Volunteering at Randolph

We are excited to welcome volunteers back into our building this year! We love having volunteers in our building on a regular basis. Volunteers must be pre-approved and scheduled to support in areas of greatest need. Parents will not be allowed to volunteer in their scholar's classroom during instructional time to avoid distraction.

Please remember that if you are going to volunteer at Randolph ES in any capacity (in the classroom, in the media center, cafeteria, or at a school event, etc.) you must watch the volunteer video and fill out the volunteer form prior to coming to the building. Once you complete the training, it takes up to 48 hours to process your approval. All approved volunteers must re-apply for volunteer status every two calendar years.

Please follow the link to Fulton County’s website, to complete the necessary volunteer online training and application. The link below will direct you to the district's volunteer process.

Important Dates for your Calendar


4- First Day of School for Scholars

9- Accelerated Reader Kick Off

12- Fran Warren's Community Meeting @ Creekside HS 6PM

16-MLK Day-No School for Scholars or Staff

17-Remote Day for Scholars

18 - Report Cards Post to Infinite Campus

18 - WriteScore Assessment (3rd, 4th and 5th Grades)

24 - SGC Meeting (TEAMS) 4PM


20-Presidents' Day-No School for Scholars or Staff

21-Professional Day for Staff-No School for Scholars


13-Professional Day for Staff-No School for Scholars

14-Teacher Work Day-No School For Scholars


3-7-Spring Break


25-Last Day of School

District Information

Use the links below to access important district information.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to our Dolphins who celebrated in November and December.