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What do You Love About Reading?

According to our working conditions survey and our school planning team, SWE loves to read! Not only did we want to keep reading as a school family, but we also wanted to open a parent library and book study as well. Great ideas we will be working on in the near future! What is it we love so much about reading? In many cases, it is so much more than the content itself. How many of us are overcome with a sense of joy when we walk into a bookstore permeated by the fragrance of books? What about the prospect of a rainy afternoon, our favorite beverage, and a brand new book? Books are evocative.

Have you heard, "You are what you eat."? Well, we are what we read as well. We get excited every school year to share a favorite novel with our students and watch them fall in love with it too. We know that what our kids read has the potential to become a part of them and form them into better, more resilient, compassionate, courageous, educated, curious (the list goes on), people.

I want our children to hear from us what it is we love about books. They know we advocate for reading but do they really know what it is we love so much about it. Below is a link to a form asking you a few questions about what it is YOU love about reading. Please fill it out. We will be featuring our responses on the morning news. We will also be creating a display with each staff member's picture and their responses about why they love reading.

Hopefully, our students and parents will see why books are so important to us as a culture, not only as educators.

Thank you all for your support of this project!


Bits and Pieces

Notes in General

WORKDAY on 11/23

IMPORTANT!!!! If you plan on taking that day off, please let Mrs. Bean know as soon as possible. If you are a new teacher, you may not be able to take it off unless you choose to do so without pay. If you are not sure how much leave you have, please check with Mrs. Bean. For new teachers, the leave you are earning is already might already be allotted for holidays, so look carefully and...check with Mrs. Bean :)


Please remember that SWE staff personal, child, grandchild, or family school pictures are free.


Donations for Lumberton will be extended through next week, furniture, bedding, clothes, etc are all needed.

Field Trips

Please remember that for Field trips we collect money up until bus leaves. Please refer families that ask us to cover the cost of the trip to Mrs. Stitz for consideration. Hardship support is on a case by case basis and admin will make that call.

Conference Week, For Those That Choose

We will be supporting a conference week if you choose to hold first nine-weeks parent conferences and hand deliver report cards. It will be 11/7-11/18. We will have the office covered until 4:30. The conference room and other areas will be open for 3rd grade to use. If you choose to hold your report card to give to the family at the conference, please send a note home letting families know your plans. We will note in a call prior to report cards going home, that individual teachers may choose to hand out report cards during conferences. Please let Mrs. Shivar know if you plan to hand deliver your report cards at conferences.

Month at a Glance

31 Monday

Castle gone: principal's meeting back by 12.

1 Tuesday

IST 8:30-9:30

2 Wednesday

Deadline for report cards to be entered into PowerSchool

Staff Meeting, if needed NO MEETING

3rd Grade Field Trip: Cultural Arts

3 Thursday

Castle gone 3rd-7th

SONDAY Training for Steffen, and Buono

7 Monday

AIG Testing in the Computer Lab 714

Report Cards go Home

8 Tuesday

AIG Testing in Computer Lab 714

GO VOTE!!!!!

9 Wednesday

AIG Testing in Computer lab 714

PTO Attractions Books go on sale. Same kick-off schedule as originally planned.

SPT Meeting: Chapters 1-3 Growth Mindset

10 Thursday

ERPD: Edmentum via webcast

11 Friday


14 Monday

Barn Hill animal Preserve visits


Painting in the office area

15 Tuesday

Fall Picture Make-Up Day

IST Meeting

Castle gone: Principal's Meeting

16-20 Wednesday

Castle, Gardiner, Jia at Language Educators Conference in Boston

17 Thursday

2nd and 5th Cultural Arts Field Trips

18 Friday

5th Grade to Sturgeon City group

Starling at IST 1-4

21 Monday

5th Grade to Sturgeon City group 2

22 Tuesday

Candyman Main Event

23 Wednesday