By: Gordon Korman


The setting of this story is at Hardcastle Middle School when Donovan Curtis got detention then left without permission anad insted of getting in trouble he gets sent to a gifted school.


The Main characters of this story is Chloe Garfinkile, Latrell, Donovan Curtis, Sanderson, and Katie.

The Beginning

In the Beginning of the story Donnavan Curtis got detintion. In detintion his teacher really wanted to go to the basketball game at the school. When the teacher walked out of the classroom not telling Donavan where he was going The two Daniels popped up at the window and told Donavan to come with them. Donavan told them that he could be back at any minute the boys told him that the teacher was watching the gym cameras to see the basketball game. So Donavan didn't waste any time so he shot out of the wondow to follow his friends. 
Ungifted Book Review