Breakfast Cereals

Where Did Cereal Originally Come From?

Where did it originate?

  • The first cereal was believed to come from the Hopi Indians
  • James Caleb Jackson invented his cereal in 1863, which was called Granula
  • Jackson's cereal had to be soaked in milk overnight in order to eat it
  • The cereal Granula had a very bland flavor

How did it change throughout history?

  • 1980's- Cornflakes, grape-nuts, and shredded wheat were invented and sold
  • 1950's- Chex cereal was known as the 50's cereal
  • 1960's- Cartoon characters were added to the sides of cereal boxes
  • 1980's- Boxes had popular pop-culture characters on them; such as Pac-Man and Donkey Kong

Cereal Boxes Through History

Origin of the Word

The word cereal comes from the Roman goddess of agriculture Ceres

How Did Cereal Appeal to Children?

  • The post World War 2 baby-boom brought on the first pre-sweetened cereal to the United States
  • Pre-sweetened cereal was made to target young children
  • Toys added to cereal boxes for children and the words on the box were for moms

How it Became Popular

  • After the Civil War, many people started cereal companies
  • In 1870, John Harvey Kellogg created the first wheat flakes
  • In 1906, Will Keith Kellogg built and owned the Battle Creek Toasted Cornflake Company
  • When sugar, prizes, and box mascots were added to cereal, children started to like cereal more than they did