Child Slavery in Western Africa

Kayky Pereira

How Child Slavery Started in Western Africa

Cocoa farmers in the Ivory Coast and Ghana don’t earn a lot of money. The families sell their children to work as slaves because their family are poor. 60% of the cocoa in the world comes from Ivory Coast and Ghana. So the cocoa farmers get lots of children to work for them. They don't have to pay the children, and so they would get more money. Even though the companies pay little for the cocoa farmers. Even though the companies buy a lot of cocoa and the cocoa farmers earn lots of money, the children gets no money for hard working.

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children were forced to work and they had nobody to help them

How working on cocoa farms effect children

Working on cocoa farms have an effect on children. If children tried to escape the guard would slice open their feet or get them wiped and the children were forced to work cutting cocoa with machetes and carrying very heavy loads which isn't good for your body if you're still a kid. There is consequences for children that tries to escape.

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they used machetes and did hard work that could affect their growing

How can people stop chield slavery

The most basic solution is for the farmers to let them go. The farmers hire children to work for them so then they don’t have to pay the children and the companies that buy their cocoa pay little but they buy a lot so the farmer owner gets lots of money. To add on people could protest and boycott the other companies by not buying their chocolate or make deals to the farm owners so then they can stop. And Nestlé and other chocolate companies can pay more so that the farmer owner would fire the children and would hire adults because then the farmer owner would pay more and still get the same amount of money. Farm owners should stop slavery with children because it doesn't only affect them but it can affect the chocolate companies if people find about what's happening.

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there were lots of children working on one single cocoa farm
International Cocoa Initiative: Tackling Child Labour on Cocoa Growing (Introduction)
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