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Week Ending 5/18/2018

Upcoming Events/Dates:

May 28, 2018 Memorial Day: NO SCHOOL

June 7, 2018 Field Day

June 10, 2018 Fiske Fair

June 14, 2018 Field Day (Rain Date)

June 20, 2018 Grade Five Moving Up Celebration (time TBD)

June 22, 2018 Final Day for Students (half day)

Teacher and Staff Appreciation Lunch Thank You!

A HUGE thank you to all of the PTO members and parents that helped out and donated for the recent Teacher and Staff Appreciation Luncheon! The time and thought that went into such a beautiful and tasty lunch was greatly appreciated by all of the member of the Fiske School Staff! We always appreciate the level of thoughtfulness and gratitude shown to us by Fiske parents and the school community! Check out the great photos in the album below!

Fiske Winning Chess Team

The Fiske team won the 2018 Hurvitz Cup / State Team Chess Championship for the Grade K-5 section. The team consisted of Benjamin Yin (Gr 4), Lydia Shen (Gr 5), Emerson Walker (Gr 5) and Eugene Wang (Gr 5). The team won all four rounds played, the only school to do so in the K-5 section.
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Fiske Global School Play Day 2018 Photo Album

Check out our photos in the album below from the 2018 Global School Play Day at Fiske! It was an amazing time for students to use LOTS of social skills while engaging in FUN!

Global School Play Day

This coming month, on February 7th, Fiske will be participating again in Global School Play Day. This day has been created and implemented around the globe, in response, to what educators and other professionals believe to be a decline in play by children. The underlying premise and concern around the decline of play, is that children actually learn a number of valuable skills and lessons through play. Below is a short TEDx video with Peter Gray about the decline and importance of play. We're looking forward to our FULL DAY of supervised, undirected play on February 7th here at Fiske!

Celebrate Monday and Positive Messages!

Maybe you haven't noticed, however, over the past two years, we've worked to make sure that we have a positive message for students every morning that they come in to school. Our goal is to make sure that our students know just how much they're appreciated and how happy we are to have them at Fiske School!

Additionally, we have been "Celebrating Monday" (#celebrateMonday) every Monday for the past year as well. We do this with staff, posting a positive message on Monday's as they enter the building and by posting a positive celebratory message on our intra-website each Monday as well. Our goal is to focus on the positive of being back together and to be a united "front" in helping students, and viewing school as a great place to be and not "racing to Friday" to get the week done! Our thought is...."If adults are racing to get to Friday, why would kids want to be here?"

We'll continue our work on positive messaging for students and staff as one way that we help our school be an engaging place for everyone!

Fiske Student Twitter Center

See the Fiske November News with information about this initiative from Mr. Martellone and also check out the video below that was shared with students at our most recent All School Meeting! Fiske is sharing out the great things happening with the world!
Fiske Twitter Center

Safe and Supportive Schools

The Lexington Public Schools strives to ensure that all students have full and equal access to all programs and services. Accordingly, the School Committee has amended its anti-discrimination policies to reflect the Act Relative to Gender Identity that went into effect in Massachusetts in July 2012. A key component of this law was the amendment of various Massachusetts statutes prohibiting discrimination on the basis of gender identification. For further information regarding safe and supportive schools please go to the following web-address:

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