Band Buzz: August 22, 2021

Falcon Band and Color Guard

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From Your Band Directors

Transportation to and from Games:

Students and parents will be able to drive and drop off students for all games this year. Students who drive will also be able to meet us at the stadium, but are not allowed to drive other students to the games.

For all CCISD stadium games, the meet time will be 5:45 PM, with the exception of Thursday Sept. 30 which is a 6:00 kickoff. Students will need to meet at the stadium at 5:00 for that game. If the student’s have instruments on the band trailer, they will need to add extra time to load or unload their instruments, both at the stadium and before the trailer departs from CLHS and upon the trailer’s return to CLHS after the game.

A usual Friday football game schedule is:

3:00 Run through at the school

4:00 Load trailer/eat game meals/fill water jugs/change into uniform (heat uniform for the first 3 games)

5:00 Depart CLHS

7:00 Kickoff

Around 9:30 Game ends and students need to be picked up at the stadium or load the buses

Around 10:15 arrive back at CLHS/Unload trailer

Around 10:30 Pick up from CLHS for students unloading trailer

Alternative Transportation to Game Form

Click here for the form to be allowed to drive to the game. Parents driving students or student driving self. Mr. Pearce will have print outs in the band hall if you do not have a printer.

Purchase Football Game Tickets

Click this link to purchase your tickets before the game. Tickets are limited buy them now.

Key Event Of the Week: #1

Booster Meeting, Tuesday August 24th 7:00 PM

On Tuesday, August 24th at 7:00 pm, we will have a combined meeting in the PAC. In the first part of the meeting, Ben Marsh of Custom Solutions will join us for our “parent meeting” in regards to the upcoming Mattress Fundraiser on Saturday, September 18th. He will show us how to share info on social media and to make sure that our community knows about the event. And, Ben will give us $5 for every adult that attends the August 24th “parent meeting…an added BONUS!

After the “parent meeting,” we will conduct our monthly FBBC meeting and will need a quorum. Some key documents are attached in a “zip” file for you to review prior to our official votes on these items. Then, we will have reports from the various committee chairs on current and past events and activities (especially our first game on Friday!) We are hoping and expecting a large crowd which is why the PAC has been reserved. See you there!

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Key Event #2

Kona Ice On-Site After Wednesday Band Practice (Aug 25th )

Kona Ice will be at the school after band practice (at 6 pm) on August 25th. They sell shaved ice with the ability for students to customize their own flavors. Bring the whole family and invite your friends! The cost is $3 for a 12-oz shaved ice and FBBC will receive 25 % of the sales!

The top three winning sections at Rock-a-Thon were very close…so we decided that they are all winners: drum line, trombones, and pit! These sections will receive FREE Kona Ice. While the winning sections receive theirs for free, everyone is invited to participate in this mini-fundraiser

Gladys Ruiz and Leah Moore

Rock-a-Thon Chairs

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Key Event #3 GAME DAY!

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Our First Game! Friday, August 27th

We hope you can join us for the first game on Friday, August 27th at 7 pm at Challenger Columbia Stadium. If you are going, plan to sit next to the band with all the other band parents. Also, consider volunteering since many volunteers lighten the load and means we all get to meet new people!

Volunteering is easy! You sign up to volunteer on a week-by-week basis via the weekly email from Jennifer Gordon, Chaperone/Volunteer Coordinator. If you are unable to volunteer that particular week, then no action is needed. If you are able to volunteer, you select the task(s) you want assigned to you.

Not a veteran volunteer? No worries—on the job training will be provided! You might even try different roles to see which you like best. Some parents who are available early in the day meet at the school at 3 pm to help with game meals and might even ride the bus with their student. Other parents prefer to join us at the stadium and like to help with the Half-Time Action team (assisting with moving equipment on/off the field), filling student water jugs in the stands, or handing out cold washcloths after the half-time show. Whatever you decide to do, you will be appreciated! Let us know if you have any questions.


Jennifer Gordan (Chaperone/Volunteer Coordinator)

Michelle Stein (HAT Team Coordinator)

Chris & Mike McGarity (Game Meal Chairs)

Kathryn McCabe (Washcloths Chair)

Prop Building for Metamorphosis in Blue

The props for this year’s marching show are basically a set of twelve “flat” 8x8 panels on wheels with different shades of blue. THE BUILD DAY is scheduled for Saturday, August 28th from 9 am to 4 pm in the band hall. Many volunteers will be needed to construct the rolling panels. RSVP to John Soisson at if you will be able to help that day so that breakfast can be provided. You can also let him know if you have any questions. If you can make it, bring drills, measuring tapes, socket sets, T50 staple guns, and extension cords!

Many thanks to John Soisson, Mana Vautier, Shane Gordon, and Larry Kamrud for giving up time on Saturday morning (8/14) to work on a “prototype” for the marching show props. Greg Shurtz assisted in transporting the materials with his truck.

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New “Tractor” or “Cab” for the Band

A used “cab” for the band trailer was purchased recently at a cost of $22.5K. Due to the high daily rate for “cab” rentals, we estimate that this purchase will pay for itself in about 3 years. Many thanks to Larry Kamrud who provided much assistance in scoping out and recommending this purchase.

We are currently completing all the paperwork to transfer the title to CCISD (who will take care of the insurance). Our plan is to begin using our “new” cab near the end of September.

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Excellent Parent Support!

Dear Band and Color Guard Families -

I hope you enjoyed last Thursday’s Demo and BBQ Dinner. The students and Directors have been working hard the last several weeks and it really showed. Our CLHS Band Falcons sure looked and sounded great…and it’s just the beginning of the season!

Thank you to everyone who came out to dinner and supported our band. It was a great turnout and I hope you enjoyed your dinner and the company of others. Thank you to all the volunteers that helped throughout the entire night! We served over 300 potatoes and drinks that night. You guys were beyond amazing and I couldn’t have done it without you. Looking forward to a great year with the Clear Lake High School Falcon Band!

Teresa Shurtz

2021 BBQ Chair

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Buzz Contributions

If you would like to contribute to the Band Buzz, then contact the appropriate committee or board member. They can send fully edited information to the following e-mail address: . The deadline for submissions is midnight each Wednesday night.

Thank you,

Lisa Russell

(2nd VP Communications)

Thanks for staying informed and keeping up with our incredible Falcon Band and Color Guard!