Polar Bears

By Karolena

Where do Polar Bear's live?

Polar bears live in a tunnel or a den, in the artic north pole. That is naturally whre they live. Since Polar bears have warm fur and blubber, they can surrvive the cold. Polar bears also have sharp teeth and claws in order to hunt. There is also plenty of food, and land to hunt on. A polar bear lives in the artic where there is plenty of food and water for it to eat and drink.

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What do polar bears eat?

Polar bears usually eat seals , but there is so much more to their diet. Their diet also includes deer, birds and their eggs, kelp, beachew whales, beluga whales, and finally walruses. When polar bears hunt for seals, it waits at a seal hole where a seal pops out their heads. Until a seal does a polar bear waits by the hole. Once a seal comes out the polar bear jumps into action grabs the seal and grabs the head with its sharp claws and bites it with its teeth. Polar bears can eat almost about anything.

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Fun Facts

* Polar Bear males weigh about 770-1500 pd.

*Polar Bear females weigh about 330-720 pd.

*Polar Bears are king and queen of the artic

*When it stands it is about 10 feet or higher

*It can also smll a seal from 40 miles away

*Cubs can only travel 12 miles

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What are Polar Bear's enemies?

Polar bears have no enemies other than humans. Well at least none to speak of. Although wind and rain can bring harmful chemicals to polar bears,but that is the only eneimy to a polar bear. Until wind and rain accurs, polar bears have no enemies other than humans. Those are some enemies to a polar bear.

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