Dystopian Societies

By Varun Gunda

A Brief Intro....

  • What is a Dystopian Society?
In a dystopian society the government rules everything. People living in this society have limited power, so you cannot do everything you wish. Many societies wanting to become Utopian, mess up and instead become Dystopian. This is why Science and Technology almost take up 90% of the society. It is not easy to become an Utopian society ( A perfect society). Authors writing Dystopian novels use some real world events and their imagination to write Dystopian books.

  • Some Characteristics of Dystopian Societies:
They have bad government and economy.

They also have many human made disasters.

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My first need to know was about Characteristics of a Dystopian novel. In the Adoration of Jenna fox the government, economy, and everything else was horrible. For example, when Jenna almost died in an accident, she was rebuilt by Bio Gel. The cost she had to pay was to hide from the government in a safe spot since, the surgery was illegal. The government wasn't sure what to do. It was always in a bad situation. All of these characteristics sum up to be a Dystopian novel. The government was like a villain.


My second need to know was about Science and Technology. Science and Technology is the most important thing in a Dystopian novel.It makes up some human beings as well! For Example, in the book Jenna was saved because, of the technology created by her father. the Bio Gel saved her life. Also, Mary E. Pearson ( author of Adoration o Jenna Fox) mentions in an interview that she wrote the book in memory of her, who suffered from cancer. She survived because of great care. In my opinion, Science and Technology can be an advantage, but has its disadvantages. Although, technology is the closest we can get to a human, it's not human. In the book, Jenna survives the accident but, she doesn't grow according to human life. She lives longer than 200 years. These were the disadvantages.

The End