A Simple Solution for Digital Citizenship Instruction

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"...students must be active, creative, knowledgeable, and ethical participants in our globally networked society." (U.S. Dept. of Education, 2010)

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Multiple plans available depending on the size of your school


  • $175 per building
  • Minimum of 3 at $525
  • Maximum of 10 at $1750

Why Choose Life.On.Line?

We know there are a lot of no-cost digital citizenship and Internet safety resources available online. In fact, we reference and recommend a number of lessons and activities developed by Common Sense Media, NetSmartz, OnGuard Online, and others.

Life.On.Line offers something different: a knowledgeable presenter who speaks directly to students. Life.On.Line lessons pair student-centered activities with on-demand videos, helping students understand the implications of living life online.

Traditionally, Internet safety lessons have relied heavily on the classroom teacher, requiring the teacher to sift through materials, choose suitable lessons, and then present information on their own. Most teachers don’t have the background or time needed to become an expert on social networking, online safety, and cyberbullying. The Life.On.Line lessons allow teachers to bring these concepts to life, by drawing on high-quality digital videos and classroom-ready activities that specifically target student interests and needs.

Three lessons are available in each of four grade bands: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and

9-12. Teachers using Life.On.Line know that the lessons specifically target

E-Rate and CIPA internet safety education requirements. These lessons can even be used for staff professional development sessions or parent and community nights!

As we created Life.On.Line, we realized that the teachers using the materials might need additional information or support. Teachers from subscribing districts/buildings will have the option to network with other teachers throughout the state, sharing implementation ideas and activities, as well as ask questions using an online discussion board, monitored by our staff.

And we can’t forget that all roads lead back to Common Core Standards, National Educational Technology Standards, and Washington State Technology Standards. All lessons are aligned to these standards for you.

We welcome you to Life.On.Line.

For Information or Purchasing:

Nancy Zahn - - 509.667.3631


Pete Phillips - - 509.667.7109