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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Board of School Directors' Meeting - 11/22/2022

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Our Board of School Directors

James H. Brophy, President
Region II Terms Expires: 2023

Brian J. Hemingway, Vice President
Region III Term Expires: 2023

Ruth A. Dierolf
Region I Term Expires: 2025

Lisa C. Hogan
Region II Term Expires: 2023

Christine M. Neiman
Region I Term Expires: 2023

Anthony D. Panarello
Region II Term Expires: 2025

Marianne Scott
Region I Term Expires: 2023

Roger A. Updegrove
Region III Term Expires: 2023

Jeffrey Zawada
Region III Term Expires: 2025

The Roman Numerals above, indicate the member's voting region. Our voting regions include:

  • Region I: Borough of Bally, Borough of Bechtelsville, Colebrookdale Township, Earl Township, Washington Township.
  • Region II: Borough of Boyertown, Douglass Township., Berks County/Douglass Township, Montgomery County - Districts 2, 3 & 4 (residents not covered by District 1 description)
  • Region III: Douglass Township, Montgomery County. - District 1 (residents living north of the Middle Creek) - New Hanover Township-Upper Frederick Township.
All Board Members were in attendance.
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We were pleased to welcome Ellixson's Taekwondo Academy to this meeting's Student Spotlights. The feature focused on the ties between martial arts and academic performance.

As part of the spotlight, we featured current and past BASD students who have attained their black belt status through the academy. In addition, the entire Ellixson family shared their insight and experiences as they relate to Boyertown Area School District.

Thank you to Mr. Ellixson and Mrs. Muzopappa, Executive Director of the Foundation for Boyertown Education, for making this spotlight possible.

This portion of the video begins at 02:47.

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Student Representative Report

Olivia: Hello board and community members! We finally did our first student leader luncheon of the year, sadly, our meeting was too late to be able to put it in this report but stay tuned for next month. However, for this month, Lexy and I are excited to share some upcoming news and exciting events that happened this month.

Lexy: Another Harvest Ball was to be held at BASH presented by the Student Council. The dance was supposed to be on the 19th from 7:30 to 10:30 pm in the Bear gym. However, due to a lack of tickets sold, the dance will be postponed to March 3rd. Hopefully, we will have more students buy tickets in March to have a fun night!

Olivia: On the 4th of November, Boyertown’s NJROTC program had its military ball! I was actually invited to this event, and it was definitely a night to remember. There was amazing food, good laughs, and tons of crazy dance moves. It was a very special night for the seniors of ROTC. Something really cool that the senior girls did this year was when it was time to announce the queen of the ball, the girls all wanted to stay princesses so they could all share the spotlight for their last year in ROTC together.

Lexy: BASH’s powderpuff game was super fun for all involved. Seniors and juniors are both very competitive and loved to take it out on the field. Seniors won another year in a row, congratulations! Thanks to all who came out to watch!

Olivia: Link crew members are eager to be more involved since their last event in August. There are continued discussions about possible upcoming events, including a club fair on the 23rd of November. We are all excited to see the outcome of the event.

Lexy: On November 4th and 5th, BASH had the incredible opportunity to host the 86th annual PASC State Conference. PASC is the Pennsylvania Association of Student Councils, which is a statewide organization. The state conference is an annual event that allows student leaders, advisors, and keynote speakers from all over the state to come together and learn about leadership, network, strengthen their skill sets, and simply meet and create bonds with people who are just like them.

BASH held a successful two-day conference that hosted 800+ participants. The theme of the conference was cooking, in which the participants gathered their ingredients, honed their skills, and prepared their dishes for leadership and success through a variety of activities, workshops, speakers, networking opportunities, and more. The conference ended with learning how to enjoy the dish made with a large reflection on what was learned throughout the conference and an impactful speech from a past BASH PASC Student who is now a successful adult and remains active with the PASC state executive board. Overall, the conference ran amazingly because of all the help and support from the school and community leaders during this two-year planning process!

Olivia: Middle school east was busy this month. On the 17th, there was a choral concert full of amazing voices. Then the 18th was the end of the first trimester for them which is a huge deal already a third of the way through the year! Also, on the 18th, there was the Wild West Whirl dance for students, I hope everyone had a great time.

Lexy: The Middle School East Food canned goods drive concluded on November 16th! We want to thank all the students and staff for their donations, and we know the students can’t wait to see which teacher gets to wear the turkey costume!

Thank you to everyone at the meeting tonight for listening and we hope to have even more exciting news for everyone next month, have a great night and a happy Thanksgiving!

Unfortunately, Olivia was unable to join us for the meeting, so Lexy read the entire report. This portion of the video begins at 30:57.

Public Comment Period #1 - Agenda Items

There was one speaker during this period, and the topic was the Program of Studies.

This portion of the video begins at 35:04.

Audit and Finance Reports

2020-2021 Audit Report introduced by Ms. Denicola, CFO.

This portion of the video begins at 41:33.

Ms. Ernst, Accounting Manager, presented the DRAFT October 2022 Treasurer's Report.

This portion of the video begins at 50:29.

Voting Actions Taken

Superintendent's Consent Agenda

A. BAEA Grievance #2022-001 Settlement Agreement
B. Approve Consent Agenda

Superintendent's Itemized Agenda
Portnoff Law Associates Delinquent Tax Collection Resolution and Amendment
B. Program of Studies

C. Approval of Creation of a Student Activity Account for Walk for Lives Club

D. Approval of Creation of a Student Activity Account for Impact Club

E. Personnel

All voting items were approved.

This portion of the video begins at 52:28.

Public Comment Period #2 - Other District Information

There were three speakers during this period, and the topics included the Impact Club, curricular materials, Policy 903, and books.

This portion of the video begins at 01:40:08.

Board Comments

Ms. Dierolf, Mrs. Scott, Mr. Zawada, Ms. Neiman, Mr. Panarello, Ms. Hogan, and Mr. Hemmingway spoke during this period. They spoke in the order listed.

This portion of the video begins at 01:54:29.

Upcoming Meetings

Board of School Directors' Reorganizational Meeting: Tuesday, December 6, 2022, at 7 PM at the Education Center.

UPDATED: Board of School Directors' Meeting: Tuesday, December 13, 2022, at 7:30 PM at BCTC's Oley Campus. Please note the time AND location change for this meeting. Board Members and the Administration will participate in person at BCTC's Oley Campus. The public is asked to watch the Livestream using the link below. Members of the public who are registered to speak will receive a Zoom link before the meeting.

Committee of the Whole Meeting: Tuesday, January 10, 2023, at 7 PM at the Education Center.

Board of School Directors' Meeting: Tuesday, January 24, 2023, at 7 PM at the Education Center.