My Child has an Overdue Book!?!?!

Don't Panic... Read this from Ms. Crystal in the library

Notice: Overdue Materials, Unpaid Fines

Did you just receive a notice with these words in bold letters in your student's Take Home Tuesday folder? Don't worry! It doesn't instantly mean that you owe money! In fact, if your child can return the book, you're done. There are no fines for overdues at the BES Library, only fines for books that are damaged or lost.

Just Because They Brought it to School, Doesn't Mean it Made it to the Library

You'd be shocked to learn how often this is an issue. Often times students take their books to another room to take the AR test, they misplace them in their own classroom, or they forget to get them out of their backpack. If you believe that your student brought the book to school, you might want to remind them to check their backpack, desk, or the book shelves in their classroom. If that doesn't work, send a note to their teacher letting them know to be on the lookout for the missing library book.

Mistakes are Easily Corrected

Sometimes students check themselves in. Sometimes they get in a hurry and don't scan things properly. It's ok. It's easily corrected by checking the shelf to see if the book is in. If the book is on the shelf, we scan it and voila, problem solved! If the book isn't on the shelf, then it likely wasn't returned. Books can not be checked out to another student and stay checked out to your student. If another student brought the book up to be checked out, it would remove it from your student's record.

Can My Student Keep Checking Out Books?

Each grade level has a certain amount of books that they are allowed to have checked out to each student. Once a student has exceeded that amount, they are not allowed to check out more until a lost book is found or paid for.

Paying for Lost Books

If you think there's a chance that you could find the book at home, please wait a little bit before you pay. If the book has been overdue for more than two months, then it is likely that it isn't going to turn up. Please send the exact amount or a check because their is no change available in the library. If the book is returned eventually, you will receive your money back. However, it takes a little while to process that money due to our secretary having to send out the checks.

Problems or Concerns?

Please feel free to contact me via email at any time. I am always glad to help as much as I can.