CHES SPED iPad App Challenge - April 2015

April's Challenge

Hopefully, you've had some time to explore Dreambox on the iPads. What do you think? This month, we're exploring Kahoot. I was very excited to share this with you last week. Have you had a chance to further explore it yet? If not, there's still time. It's such a great way to bring formative assessment back to life in your classroom. Use it as a pre/post assessment, use it as a quick exit ticket or use it to review for upcoming quizzes or tests. You will instantly get the feedback and data that you can then use to better help your students. So, go ahead...create a free account and get "Kahooting."

Click here for the How To Directions

You can print this out to help you get started.

Your Challenge

  • Either find an already-created Kahoot, duplicate and tweak it to fit your students or create your own. Use it with your students. I did figure out how to duplicate one that's already made...simply hover over it and the word "duplicate" will appear to the right of the title. Click that and get to tweaking.
  • Submit your review when finished. The link to the review is below.

To Register for Challenge - 15 PD Points

  • Visit the HCPS Professional Development Registration Site
  • Log in and then click start
  • Click on "add course" at the top
  • Scroll down to "ongoing development opportunities"
  • Sort the audience to "CHES"
  • Click "show audience sort"
  • Click on iPad Appspiration
  • Click add course
  • You're done!

Reminder: App Request Process

Step 1: Check the 'HCPS ITRT App List' on Blackboard>How To Tech to see if your app has already been approved. Here is the link as well.

  • If your app is listed: Contact your ITRT let them know the app is approved, and ask them to load it to the iPad(s).
  • If your app is not listed: Go to Step 2.

Step 2: Complete the 'iDevice App Request/Evaluation/Approval Form' (Link on Blackboard>How To Tech). Here is the link as well.

Step 3: Your ITRT will contact you to follow up on the status of your request.

Dropbox Information

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