Glenholme School Newsletter

Term 3 - Week 1, 28th July 2022

Kia ora koutou,

Welcome back to school for Term 3.

There is still some sickness around. We are fortunate at the moment to have only two staff and a small number of children away with COVID but we still have the tummy bugs and flu going around.

Thank you to everyone from Whakapoungakau Team, both whānau and tamariki for wearing masks again in the classrooms. We hope that if we do this for the next four weeks we will be able to avoid moving back into the Red Traffic Light Setting and needing to have the restrictions which go along with this.

We are all so excited that we are able to go ahead with our whole school production this term under the Orange Traffic Light Setting. We have a marvelous production which Whaea Susan has written and she will also produce. We are so fortunate to have such a musically talented staff member. Last year we started rehearsals for the production and then had to call it off due to COVID restrictions. Remember to ask your tamariki about their class dance for the production.

The Health Consultation survey finishes tomorrow. Thank you to all of you who have taken the opportunity to respond. We will have the draw for the $150 Pak’nSave Voucher tomorrow afternoon and will be in touch if you are the lucky winner.

Looking forward to seeing you at 5.30pm tonight in the staffroom, if you are interested in standing for our Board of Trustees. This is an information session, so come along and hear from members of our existing Board what this role entails.

Ngā mihi

Sarah Thompson


2022 Glenholme School Board Parent Elections

Haere Mai whānau!!

****MEET THE BOT EVENING - Thursday 28th July at 5.30pm****

With the 2022 Triennial School Board Election process now underway, our outgoing School Board of Trustees would like to invite you to an informal meeting with them, in the staffroom on Thursday 28th July at 5.30pm. Refreshments will be provided. If you are interested in being nominated for the upcoming elections, or if you would like to know more about being a board member, there’s no better opportunity than to find out more from those who have served on our school board.

We cannot wait to see you there.

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The school board election is coming up.

The closing date for nominations is no later than midday on 3 August.

You can nominate at:

Here is more information for parents and caregivers.

You can check that you are on the electoral roll at the school office.

The timeline for the election is:

Supplementary roll closes 1 August

Nominations close Wednesday 3 August, midday.

Voting papers issued by August 10

ELECTION DAY: 7 September, 4pm.

COUNTING DAY: 13 September


What is a school board?

Every state and state-integrated school or kura in New Zealand has a board that governs it.

The board's role is to oversee the governance of its school or kura and to ensure that everything that needs to be done gets done - legally, ethically, and as well as possible in the best interests of its students.

The board is the employer of all staff, including the principal, and sets the overall strategic direction for the school or kura. The principal is the board's 'chief executive' and manages the day to day operations of the school or kura in line with the board's direction and policies.

A standard board constitution is made up of:

  • members elected from the community;
  • the principal;
  • a staff-elected representative;
  • a student representative - for schools or kura with students in year 9 and above;
  • a number of co-opted members (who must be fewer in number than parent-elected members)
  • and for state-integrated schools only - one or more proprietors’ representatives.

Board members have a term of office of up to 3 years.

What does the board do?

Section 127 of the Education and Training Act 2020 describes the board's responsibilities.

This is achieved through particular governance activities such as:

  • setting the strategic direction and targets for the school or kura
  • planning towards and reporting on achieving those targets
  • curriculum management
  • financial and property management
  • policies and procedures
  • health and safety
  • employment of staff at the school or kura.

127 of the Education and Training Act 2020(external link)

The board has a duty to show to its parents, community, and to the government that students are being well prepared for life beyond school. Evidence of progress and future direction is outlined annually in a charter, which is a document declaring specific annual targets and long-term goals.

The board is elected by members of the school community to ensure that the school community has a voice in how its school operates.

The board must also ensure it is a good employer to all the staff in the school or kura.

Here are some things that a board does:

  • work with its local community to make sure that the school or kura works in a way that is appropriate for the students, families and wider community that it serves.
  • create the school or kura's charter and strategic plan. These describe the board's long term plans for the school or kura and sets goals that will help make them happen.
  • monitor progress towards the long-term plan and goals
  • monitor and evaluate student progress and achievement to make sure that every student is getting the preparation they need to survive and thrive in the world
  • make overall decisions about the school or kura's property (grounds and buildings), finances, curriculum (what is taught) and administration. These decisions are often made on the advice of the principal and staff, and are carried out by the principal and staff once they are made.
  • ensure that the school or kura gives effect to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.
  • appoints and supports the principal and assesses their performance
  • is a good employer to its staff. The board employs all the staff including the principal. This means that the board has a responsibility to make sure that the school or kura provides a safe and healthy environment for them all to work in, and obeys the laws about employment.

What skills do board members need?

Board members are active leaders in their schools or kura, All members should to be able to:

  • work well in a team
  • understand and think about what they are being told
  • ask relevant and challenging questions
  • have good communication skills.

Boards also need a balance of specific skills and attributes to make sure that all the board's responsibilities are being met. Board members should have a genuine interest in the work of the school and the education and welfare of its students. Board members should also have:

  • passion
  • energy
  • people skills
  • honesty
  • integrity.

Other knowledge or experience in areas such as Education, Finance, Law, Property, Human Resources, Health and /or the Social Sector may be helpful for a board, but not compulsory.

Principal's Awards

Principal's Awards Awarded to students making exceptional effort and or achievement at school, therefore deserving of acknowledgement and recognition. Students will be presented with their awards on 5th August 2022.

Whakapoungakau Team

A1: Jaydah Heke for always demonstrating respect, curiosity, and being a risk taker. Jaydah has made a flying start in A1 this term with a willingness to learn and is always showing a positive attitude. She has already shown she is a risk taker by participating in class with enthusiasm and a drive for learning. Jaydah is an exceptional role model in our class. A1 is very lucky to have such a wonderful role model. Ka pai o mahi Jaydah, Keep up the awesome work!

A2: Traye Conroy for demonstrating excellent commitment to his learning. He is aware of his learning intentions and works very hard to achieve his success criteria. He is inquisitive and will ask questions to clarify his thinking. Traye is a fantastic role model in class who demonstrates the Glenholme School Values consistently. Ka rawe tō mahi Traye, A2 thinks you are awesome!

A3: Maia Frank for her enthusiasm to take charge of her own learning. She shows a high level of pride in the work she produces and is a fantastic role model for Glenholme school. Maia is always willing to help others including peers and teachers. She takes risks by giving things a go and encourages her peers to do the same. Ka mau te wehi Maia, we love having a respectful, hard working student in A3.

A4: Isis Russell is a considerate and positive student who is an awesome role model for her peers. She understands her role as a visible learner by knowing her learning intentions and consistently striving to achieve her success criteria. Isis draws on the likes of Hinemoa and Tamatekapua learning dispositions as she is a great risk taker and leader, especially in Kapa haka and reo Māori learning. He waimarie mātou ki te whai ia ki roto i A4! Pai tū Isis!

Tihiōtonga Team

B3: Madison Walker for always displaying the School Values and Dispositions. Madison is a fantastic role model in B3. She manages herself and her learning to a high standard and always tries her best. Madison is gaining confidence to share her ideas with others and be a Risk Taker. Keep up the super effort Madison, we love having you in B3!!

B4: Ruthvika Kaki for being a great learner in B4. You have developed great collaboration skills and are able to work well with a variety of other students in the class. You can be relied upon to complete work all independently and are always prepared to help others if needed. You are also beginning to understand the importance of the learning pit and are developing strategies to help you when you get stuck. Ka Pai Ruthvika.

B5: Harjaap Pallan for being a B5 superstar. Harjaap always gives 100% effort on all tasks. He is a polite, friendly classmate who consistently displays all of the Glenholme School Values. Harjaap is inquisitive and he asks great questions. Keep up the great work Harjaap, we love having you in B5.

B7: Hawea Daniel-Newton for being a motivated and engaged student in B7. He is always eager to ask for help when he is stuck in the Learning Pit. Hawea occupies his time constructively and understands the importance of staying focused during lessons. Hawea is a capable young man who is competent at accomplishing goals he has set out. He is a Risk Taker and a Self-regulator, always working hard to complete his mahi. Pai rawa atu Hawea.

Pukehangi Team

A6: Tuwhakaoho Tahuriorangi for having a motivated and diligent attitude towards all areas of school life. He shows persistence with his learning, in particular writing. This dedication has seen Tuwhakaoho make fantastic progress in the stories he writes. He also strives to display all of our school values and is a wonderful classmate in A6. Ka mau te wehi, keep up the awesome mahi!

B1: Bailey Beazley for having settled in really well into class this week and has been giving everything a go. It has been great seeing you working well with others and really focusing in class, especially during writing time. Keep showing those school values and giving new things a try.

C6: Billy Kiel for being an independent learning superstar! Billy you are demonstrating excellence in your mahi by trying your best to complete quality work with your independence and confidence growing each day. Your positive attitude is helping you make wonderful progress in all areas of the curriculum, in particular your writing with all of the adjectives you are adding to make it interesting to the reader. Tumeke Billy, Miss Bridgeman is proud of you!

C7: Dodge Smith for being a keen, cheerful learner in C7. Dodge shows excellent interest in the world around him and is happy to share his ideas and knowledge with others. He is an expert in whales in particular! Dodge listens carefully in class, concentrates closely and does his best work. He has an excellent attitude to learning. Keep up your good work, Dodge. We love having you in C7.

C8: Jackson Pedersen for working hard to become a collaborator by making a big effort to participate at mat time and in small group work. During these times he cooperates with others in the class and contributes to class discussions. Everyday he turns up to school full of enthusiasm, with a big smile on his face, ready to learn. Keep up the positive attitude Jackson!

C9: Cassandra Georgiou for the focus she brings to her learning. She listens carefully during class discussions and contributes relevant feedback on shared books and topics. Cassandra is making pleasing progress with her reading, as she is beginning to sound out letters and blend them together to read new words. Tino pai Cassandra.

Friends of the School Math-a-thon

Glenholme School F.O.T.S. Maths A Thon 2022

Each child pack today contains the following items:

· Maths list for your child’s team.

· Sponsorship Card including information on the Maths A Thon.

· Plastic Bag for the named sponsor card and money to be returned in.


Help your child while supporting Glenholme Schools fundraising. FOTS have funded Ukuleles for the school, paid for the Shows for every child coming up this year, shade sails, gazebos, toys etc. It is a great opportunity for the children to gain more confidence in Maths, Number recognition and numeracy. Encourage your child to learn and practice, practice, practice!


· Every child who returns their named sponsorship card and money (from sponsors or from donations) will be entered into the draw.

· Prizes will be drawn for each team plus several other draws!

· Prizes include: - Major Prizes include speakers, headphones and a tablet!! - Family passes to Rotorua attractions -Movie Vouchers - And MANY MORE!! There are businesses we are still waiting on so more prizes are in the offering. Please note the following important dates:

Week 4 Friday 27th May – Math A Thon packs go out to children.

Week 5-7 Children collect sponsors on sponsorship cards and learn Maths questions.

Week 8 Math A Thon Test in classrooms and marked tests to go home Start collecting money.

Return money with card inside plastic bag to the office by Friday 5th August (Week 2 Term 3)8.30am-8.50am (before school starts) All monies must be returned today to go into the prize draw.

Prizes drawn at school assembly -

Week 2 Term 3 Friday 5th August

A1 Artwork

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Academic Achievement Discussions

Wednesday 3rd August and Thursday 4th August 2022

We ask parents to collect their tamariki from school at 2.00pm on both of these days.

Please contact the school office if your child requires supervision from 2.00pm to 3.00pm.

Appointments are now open and can be made online

Our event code is z2xmr

If you are unable to book via the website please phone our School Office (348 1489) to make you bookings.

Bookings are now open!

School will close at 2.00pm on Wednesday 3rd August and Thursday 4th August.

A5 Academic Achievement Discussions

A5 Discussion times can be booked following the same steps as above.

The times are:

Wednesday 24th August 3pm - 6pm

Thursday 25th August 3pm - 6pm

Friday 26th August 3pm - 6pm

Up and Coming Events

Term Dates 2022

Term 2 2nd May - 8th July

Term 3 25th July - 30th September

Term 4 17th October - 16th December

Friday 8th July - Math-a-thon Prize Draw day

Friday 8th July - End of Term 2

Friday 21st October - Greats and Gran's Day

Monday 24th October - Labour Day

School Gates


8.30am – 9.10am/2.45pm - 3.10pm

Miller Street entrance is available for use:

Monday to Friday 7.30am – 9.30am

Monday to Friday 2.30pm – 3.30pm

DO NOT PARK IN THE SCHOOL DRIVE as this is a tow away area.