Protest Era


The Protest Era took place between 1950 to 1980. This era got its name because there was a lot of protesting against the law during this time. Most of the time people went out on the streets with homemade signs to get their point across.


●In 1959 President Johnson got America involved in the Vietnam War, also called the cold war. People did not want to be involved in the war and protested to stop it. The Vietnam War lasted until 1975.

●During the cold war The Space Race took place. The Space Race was between The Soviet Union and the USA. This was to see who could be the first to explore space and get on the moon first. In 1969 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the Moon. Armstrong's famous words were "That's one small step for man. One giant leap for mankind."

●In this era women did not have as many equal rights as men did. Some examples of rights were to buy property, sell property, and to vote. Betty Friedan helped to protest women's equal rights. She organized a nationwide Women's Strike for Equality. This strike was successful.

●Four college students, Joseph McNeil, Franklin McCain, David Richmond, and Ezell Blair Jr. known as the "Greensboro Four" organized a sit in at a local lunch counter that only served whites. Their plan was to sit straight, be friendly, face counter, don't strike or curse back, and no laughing of conversations. This helped with the start of counters serving African Americans.