A Separate Peace

John Knowles

"I think it is the best-written, best-designed, and most moving novel I have read in many years. Beginning with a tiny incident among ordinary boys, it ends by being as deep and as big as evil itself." -Aubrey Menen

Like Menen said, A Separate Peace is an extremely dark book. What was once friendship turned to jealousy; what was once hate turned to regret. Journey through this roller coaster of emotions and uncover the secret to true friendship. Go ahead and take advantage of this chance to read it. Don't look back a few years later wishing you would've.
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Any excellent parent who has been in school for the past 25 years has either heard of, or read this captivating maserpiece. Don't let your children pass up an opportunity to read it!

Liked Divergent?

You didn't have to read the book Divergent to know it was good. Everyone just knew. It's the same with A Separate Peace; many people agree that it's the book to read!

This book is guaranteed to make anyone laugh, cry, and wonder aloud.