Welcome to Madrid


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Visit the golden triangle of art, the three important museums in the centre of madrid. Madrid has a considerable number of churches, the oldest one, the San Nicolàs de los Servitas, is the oldest one and is from the 12th century. You can enjoy some classical music and opera at the national auditorium of music

Don't miss the bullfight!

Madrid hosts the largest Plaza de Toros (bullring) in Spain, Las Ventas, established in 1929. Las Ventas is considered by many to be the world centre of bullfighting and has a seating capacity of almost 25,000. Madrid's bullfighting season begins in March and ends in October.

Madrid's nightlife

The nightlife in Madrid is one of the city's main attractions. Tapas bars, cocktail bars, clubs, jazz lounges, live music venues, flamenco theatres and establishments of all kinds cater to all. Every night, venues pertaining to the Live Music Venues Association La Noche en Vivo host a wide range of live music shows. Everything from acclaimed to up-and-coming artists, singer-songwriters to rock bands, jazz concerts or electronic music sessions to enjoy music at its best.