L'Arc de Triomphe


Purpose of the Arc de Tripmphe

Napoleon ordered to build an arch to the honor of the French Army. Construction on the Arch began in 1806, restarted in 1825, and was not finished until 1836 because of napoleans death in 1821

History of the arc de triomphe

  • The construction of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris was ordered in 1806 by Napoleon(the French Emperor)
  • Napoleon wanted to honor the Grande Armee(the name of the French army at the time)
  • the construction of Arc de Triomphe was completed in 1836 (long after Napoleon's death in 1821)

Fun Facts

  • Before it was the Arc de Triomphe, the spot there was almost made into a giant elephant before napoleon made the arc
  • Napoleon never saw the finished arc
  • It was the second largest arch in the world at the time
  • At the end of WW2, Charles Godefroy flew a plane through the arc to remember all of the pilots who died in the war

Whats the structure of the arc de Triomphe?

The Arc de Triomphe stands 162 feet tall,150 ft wide and 72 ft deep.