Imagine if you were one of the people on the accident of the Titanic. You can experience how the victims of the accident felt when they were about to die. Here is some information about the Titanic:

The Titanic was sinking by midnight on April 14, 1912 by April 15, 1912 the titanic was already sinked into the ocean. The Titanics was almost as long as 3 football fields, it was 17 stories high. The Titanic had four elevators, a heated swimming pool, two libraries, and two barber shops. Each day the Titanic passangers used 14,000 gallons of water, it could carry 3,547 passangers. It costed 99,000 dollars in todays money to get to the Titanic. The titanic sanked in the north atlantic waves, it was going from liverpool England to New york. Here are some interesting facts:

825 - The amount of coal per day

10,000 - aproximally the light bulbs used in the ship

7,500,000 - The cost of building the Titanic

2 - Number of workers that died during the construction

13 - The number of people that were on a honeymoon in the Titanic

1,000 - The number of wines taken in the Titanic

20 - The number of rescue boats the Titanic carried

28 - The number of people on the first boat

2 - The number of dogs that survived

-2 - The temperature of the water that day

75 - The number of years it took to find the Titanic.

Elisabeth Wanton Allen

Born: October 1, 1882

Died: December 15, 1967

( 82 )

Elizabeth Wanton Allen was in the first class on the Titanic, she got escaped on one of the lifeboats. A few years later she got married in a double wedding with her sister, she lived happily until she died

Hellen Loraine Allison

Born: Saturday, June 5 1909

Died: April 15, 1912 ( age 2 )

Hellen Loraine Allsion came with her dad, Hudson , her mom, Bess , and her brother Trevor. She was a first class passenger on the Titanic. On the day of the crash Trevor and and his babysitter were missing , Hellen's parents decided they were no leaving without Trevor so they went looking for him. Hellen and her parents died looking for Trevor. Their bodies were never found.

Alice Catherin Cleaver

Born: Friday, July 5 1889

Died: Thursday, November 1 , 1987 ( age 95 )

Alice was Trevor's babysitter ( Hellen Allison's little brother ), at the day of the crash Alice took Trevor and went to a lifeboat, Alice saved Trevor but Trevor's family died on the accident. Alice got married after the accident and Trevor went to live with his aunt and uncle. Alice died of a stroke on 1987.

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