Wake County Times

" A Death Among Us"


On the day of their son, Leon Walter Tillage's fifteenth birthday his father Mr. Tillage was murdered. While Mr. and Mrs Tillage were on their way to buy their son a gift for his birthday, a vehicle full of drunk, loud Caucasian teens terrorized the couple. Being the man he was, Mr, Tillage pushed his wife out of the way as the vehicle came and struck him. After a few seconds of Mr. Tillage trying to get up, the vehicle came around once more and ran completely over him causing him to get stuck under the vehicle. The teens who continued to drag him down the street, finally came out the vehicle and pulled Mr. Tillage from under the vehicle, then drove off without looking back.


The only witnesses of this crime were all of Mr and Mrs Tillage's children.

" I was the first one to my father, but he was already dead." Says their son Leon Walter Tillage.

Leon also reports that the driver of the vehicle and his father came to their house the next day. When the father asked the driver to apologize to Ms. Tillage, he rudely walked away. To justify that action his father then said, "Well, I apologize for him. I'm sorry, but I hope you get along with out your husband, and you'll just have to face the fact that these things happen." Not only was there nothing done about this murder but it was also normal in the 1950's.

Opinion Column

In this day in time we can't go back to the 1950's and fix the racism in that time but that doesn't mean we can't fix the racism in our time. As you may know we have come a long way when it comes to racism, but it does still exist. Everyday thousands of racist slurs are used and murders are conducted. Its come to my attention that no matter what we do we will always have to compete or be judged by the"white population". Why does it have to be that way? Why are we praising people for being " the first African American" to do different things, rather than admiring them for who they are not just the color of their skin? Why can't we just be equal? Or is equality just a myth that we're so adamantly trying to make true?


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