By Reagan Dore

Egypt Landforms

Most of Egypt is covered by deserts and sand dunes, east of the Nile deserts reach the edge of the red sea.

Egypt Landmarks

Some of Egypt's finest landmarks are Egyptian pyramids, The Sphinx, Medinet Habu, Khan el-Khalili, and much more!

Egypt Bodies of Water

Some of Egypt's bodies of water are The Nile, Lake Nasser, Gulf of Aqaba, Dead sea, and more.

Egypt Government

Egypt has a Republic government and their leader is Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Egyptian's chose their leader by voting.

Egyptian Economy

Egypt's GDP is 943.1 billion pounds their currency is Egyptian pounds. Egypt's main exports are natural gas, cloths, and fruits. Egypt's life expectancy is 70.91 years and their literacy rate is 75.2%. Egypt's birth rate is 2.81.
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Egypt's Culture

All men wore a skirt with a belt and women wore dresses with shoulder straps. Egyptian's mostly speak Arabic and they are mostly Muslim. Egyptian's ate cranes,geese,duck,bread, beans, and many veges.

Egypt's climate

Weather in Egypt is dry and rains very few times through out the year. Egypt's average yearly rainfall can be from 20 mm to 0 mm and the average summer temperature is 104'F.

Egypt's History

In 3100-332 B.C. the Egyptian's developed hieroglyphic writing and constructed many structures. Egypt declares independence from Britain, a monarchy is established, and Fued I is named king.
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Egypt v.s U.S.A

The U.S. weather is rainy but Egypt's weather is sunny and almost never rains and the U.S. has more of a mountainous grassy terrain wile Egypt has a desert terrain. If you lived in Egypt instead of the U.S. you would die 6.11 years sooner and make 87.5% less money. U.S.A. and Egypt both have a legal death penalty and we speak some of the same languages. U.S and Egypt also have some of the same imports/exports.