One of the most religions practiced in the world

How and where it originated? Where has it spread?

Hinduism began with the Aryans whose philosophy, religion, and customs are recorded in their sacred texts known as the Vedas. It originated in india.

Hinduism spread outside East Asia.

Basic Beliefs and Basic History

Basic Beliefs

- truth is eternal

-Brahman is truth and reality

- the Vedas are the ultimate authority

-everyone should strive to achieve dharma

- individual souls are immortal

- the goal of the individual soul is moksa

Basic History

- Shavia (devotees of the god Shiva)

- Vaishnava (devotees of the god Vishnu)

- Shakta (devotees of the goddess)

-Smarta (those who understand the ultimate form of the divine to be abstract and all encompassing, Brahman)

Leader/Prophets and Past Events


- all priests must come from the highest, or Brahman caste

Past events

-1500 B.C.: The Vedas are written

- 800 B.C.: Eleven major Upanishads are written

- 900 C.E.: Shanka teaches the reality of one Brahman or one God, introducing significant monotheism beliefs into Hinduism

- 1100 C.E.: Muslims arrive in India and influence the evolution of the Hindu faith