Powerful Partnerships

Your School Librarian and You!

Can you identify with any of these questions?

Do you need more time to teach a specific standard?

Are resources to support this standard scarce or inadequate?

Would you benefit from the help of another professional teacher?

Do your students lack motivation?

Would technology help?

Then your librarian has an answer for you!!

What can I do for you?

*I can assist you by teaching the data gathering process and assisting students with gathering data

*I am an information specialist who can help you by providing access to quality resources from printed book, to databases, to personal conversations with experts

*I am a National Board certified teacher who has a repertoire of successful strategies

*I can provide a different environment, a wealth of information in a variety of formats, and a variety of tools to stimulate students

*I am an experienced user of technology and can provide assistance in using technology and help with the integration of technology in your classroom

Social Studies teachers, do you need help making history come alive?

Here are just a few things we can collaborate on:

- Discuss maps, globes, atlases, and practice map skills

- Read and discuss biographies of famous historical figures

- Teach ethical research skills

- Locate and evaluate print and non print resources

- Read and analyze primary source documents

- Create a project based learning assignment