SHakespearE and HamlEt

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Who the Heck is Shakespeare???

Birth Date: April 23, 1564

Place of Birth: Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom

Death: April 23, 1616

Place of Death: Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom

Occupation: Poet, Playwright (1597), Actor (1592)

1. Nick Names: “Bard of Avon,” “Swan of Avon” “The Bard”

2. No Birth Records actually exist, April 23 is an assumption based on his baptism on April 26

3. Shakespeare only came home once a year during the 40-day Lenten period because the theaters were closed.

Shakespeare can be compared to a chick about to hatch from its shell. At first he struggled due his strange interpretation of stories and bizarre attitude. However that is to be expected considering he was a theater nerd. But through hard work and dedication comes success. He found that out when in 1579, 37 of his plays were being published. His avoidance from all human contact served his mind well in creating some off the most well known stories known to date. However what contributed most to his success was his ability to write in the working mans vernacular. His plays were complex but understandable by everyone.

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Renaissance is Related to Shakespeare???

The renaissance period was from 1350 to 1550. It was the revival of Greek and roman

classics, commerce, and human potential. People involved in the renaissance were called

humanist. Shakespeare was a humanist himself in the way he portrayed his characters. He

shows true reactions and consequences (realism) of characters decisions, going away from

the belief that everyone is perfect under god. Everything Shakespeare wrote was pro-


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Hamlet Summary - High School Summary

Characters of Hamlet

a. Hamlet the prince- The protagonist of the story. Prince of Denmark. And the nephew of Claudius the present king

b. Hamlet the Ghost- The dead father of hamlet the prince who was murdered by his brother Claudius.

c. Claudius- King of Denmark. Uncle to Hamlet the Prince, brother to Hamlet the Ghost, portrayed as the villain of the play,

d. Gertrude- Queen of Denmark, Hamlets mother. Loves her son

e. Ophelia- Polonius’s daughter. Ophelia is Hamlet’s love interest. Suicidal

f. Horatio- Close friend of hamlet. Storyteller

g. Polonius- The father of Laertes and Ophelia who is killed by hamlet

h. Laertes- Ophelia’s brother, Polonius’ son. Foil to Hamlet.

i. Rosencrantz/ Guildenstern- two former friend of hamlet who are asked to find out what is driving hamlet mad.