Texas A&M University

The College I Plan on Attending


-4 years of English

-Advanced mathematics classes (4 years)

-Advanced Science (2 years)

-2 years of foreign language

-can also be accepted if test scores are high enough or if in top 10%

Academic Cost

-in state tuition (fees included) would be $9,200 per year

-books for a year $1000


-you can contact the scholarship office through the TAMU website

-I would like to apply for a TAMU academic achievement scholarship

-the deadline is December 1

-you get the application online and send it in through the mail

-to be eligible you must have good academic standing, and be very involved

-to be considered you must submit a long application

Financial Aid

-the deadline to apply for financial aid is September 17

-you can apply for free, state, international, or emergency financial aid, and you are eligible for any of them if your meet the requirements they have listed for it

-you must have it all turned it on time to be considered

Housing Cost

-on campus housing cost approximately $9,000 a year

-the cost of housing varies depending on whether your staying on or off campus

-the off campus housing is generally a little more expensive, depending on where you live

-on campus housing offers single dorms as well as dorms with roommates

-you can contact the TAMU housing office through the TAMU website


-no deadline for jobs on campus

-many job opportunities on campus

-to apply you must contact the employer for aggies for TAMU

Campus Visits

-no fee for coming to have a campus

-must sign up and apply for a visit in time though

-daytime campus tour(individual or group)

-online tour

-Aggie Bonfire Memorial