How do we prevent disease?

How to prevent the spread of diseases throughout the world.

Public health measures

Public health measures usually involve eliminating the pathogen from its reservoir or route of transmission. These include safe water supply, sewage treatment and disposal, food safety programs, animal control programs and vaccination programs.


Method used to contain disease

One method used to contain the spread of disease is safe water. In the United States this is not a problem. However, in undeveloped countries the water is not safe to drink.

What diseases it prevents the spread of

Unsafe water causes diseases that cause gastrointestinal disease.
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How it is enforced

Local health departments provide and enforce regulations for restaurants and schools. They monitor the occurrence of disease and report them to safe agencies. The NIH is one of the eight agencies of the US public health service. It is aimed at the understanding, prevention, and controlling diseases. The CDC that is located in Atlanta, Georgia is responsible for for investigating disease outbreaks, publish epidemiological reports and sponsor education programs. The FDA is responsible for the monitoring and safety of all food and drugs sold in the United States.
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